SPACs, NFTs & TGIFs: PL;DR 3/5

SPACs, NFTs & TGIFs: PL;DR 3/5

Need a refresher on the latest in crypto and tech acronyms? We're here to help out this week with NFTs, SPACs, and you weekly PL;DR.

TL;DR – This week’s edition of the Newsletter covers some of the industry’s hottest Acronyms. 

TBH we know your EOW time is valuable,  you need to dive into this week’s IPOsSEC earnings and partner with your ISV’s API, that is unless you’re OOO on PTO. Our KPI is less work and more Partnership ROI, FWIW

So we spent a bit of time rounding up the articles we plan to talk about over spring break. ICYMI

WSOSO (We’ll see ourselves out)

NFTs – Crypto Kitties, Crypto Punks and LeBron Dunks…

Will you catch them all? Dive into the world of NFTs.

WTF is a SPAC?

Special purpose acquisition companies might be the next big thing in startups. Explore why.

ISO the Perfect Partner

Could you be the one we’ve been looking for?

Make the Leap that Changes Your Career


FYNR (Find your next role):

Other News We’re Watching

  • Once again, we see that partnerships are super important – Merck and rival J&J are partnering up to save the world. Pharmaceutical giant Merck will help manufacture Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine putting their silly “competition” aside. We would like to offer that partner manager a free mug. 
  • Are you smarter than a cephalopod? – In case you missed ‘My Octopus Teacher’ (what coral reef were you living under?), cephalopods are super smart. One recently passed a version of the marshmallow test, which is like being able to resist eating another pizza slice for that eventual post-COVID vacation.
  • TMI… – If you’re like us, you found the Winklevoss twins creepy enough already – you would have probably been pretty freaked out by the allegations of Social Network actor Armie Hammer’s alleged Hannibal proclivities. He recently moved out of his family home and movers left a bound-up mannequin in the trash. To each their own, I guess!
  • If the vaccines don’t work, we can quarantine on Mars in 2022 – SpaceX successfully completed the launch and landing of Starship SN10. We don’t know about you, but that looked like a scene out of The Avengers. The future is bright!


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