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Emily Assender 🇺🇸

VP Partnerships, Gatekeeper

Emily Assender 🇺🇸

VP Partnerships, Gatekeeper

PL is an exciting and unique community: you will experience collaboration like nowhere else. There is no question too small or too big for the community, there is always a relevant and engaged group to brainstorm with and people often tag in the right people to help you. This community is full of exceptional people who fulfil all those qualities and are amazing to be around. You will find life long connections here I am sure!

Adrienne Coburn 🇨🇦

Director, Global Partner Programs, Oyster

Adrienne Coburn 🇨🇦

Director, Global Partner Programs, Oyster

Like most roles in partnerships, the role PL plays in my life changes monthly. There’s been times where my learning hits a plateau and I come to the community to hop into a roundtable to gain back some motivation and draw learnings from others. Other times, I’ll run head first into a technical challenge with partner operations and have a bucket of advisors ready and willing to help. More often than not, I’m just here to connect with like minded individuals that makes partnerships feel less like an island, and more like a fun whacky family.

Emily Capistrant 🇺🇸

Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Clutch

Emily Capistrant 🇺🇸

Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships, Clutch

My experience with Partnership Leaders has been transformative. The mentorship I received from seasoned professionals in the community was invaluable, providing me with insights and strategies that I could apply directly to my work. It was during one of these mentorship sessions that I met a fellow member whose business vision resonated deeply with mine. Our connection, fostered by the supportive environment of Partnership Leaders, quickly evolved into an active, growing partnership

Lachlan Baxter 🇦🇺

Senior Partnerships Manager, Employment Hero

Lachlan Baxter 🇦🇺

Senior Partnerships Manager, Employment Hero

The PL community has been an extremely valuable to me, I can access immediate advice and idea generation from like-minded professionals who face the same challenges. All of the networking events have been valuable, I’ve connected with several members outside of these, where we’ve found collaboration and partnership opportunities within our roles.

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