ISO: The Perfect Partner

ISO: The Perfect Partner

We're ISO the perfect partner! Explore our list of qualifications — and maybe find your own Mr./Ms./Mx. Right!

Cold weather, isolation, and Bumble’s IPO got us all thinking about our perfect match. Good partnerships are partially based on your business, but a lot hangs on your counterpart on the other side. Here’s our list for the perfect match: 

❤️ Strong SaaS leaders with lust for long relationships 
❤️ Active pipeline and strong customer base 

❤️ Strong relationship with family — you know how to work with Salespeople
❤️ Should know how to replicate and scale your role internally, in case you decide to end this early 
❤️ A sense of what you want — you understand the differences between services and (SaaS) licenses and know how to qualify a deal 
❤️ Strong sense of fun – You can put together events, white papers, and webinars 

Fingers crossed we meet more Mr./Ms./Mx. Right’s moving forward!

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