Partnership Opportunities Aplenty: PL;DR 7/2

Partnership Opportunities Aplenty: PL;DR 7/2

Discover the latest in partnerships and alliances with the PL;DR from Partnership Leaders.

Happy almost long weekend to our American partners and a very happy normal Friday to everyone else — excuse our obnoxious fireworks and excitement over the NBA Playoffs this weekend!


We won’t keep you from your apple pie and explosives for too long. Here are a few short stories we’ve been reading this week.

Robinhood has Quite the Week

Between an IPO, breaking recent records, and FINRA, Robinhood has had quite the week.

Remote Work Continues to Influence Tech Innovations

Remote work — or at least a hybrid model — is here to stay and we love seeing all the new tech innovations that have popped up as a result.

New Quarter, New Jobs


Q3 planning got you looking for something new? Explore in-person & remote opportunities shared by Partnership Leaders members this week:

Other News We’re Watching

  • Crush your Friday task list without breaking a sweat — Stay productive and calm with this chill playlist sure to help you start the long weekend a little early.
  • Digital images get more realistic — A new algorithm is designed to enhance color for electronic displays and make LED lighting look more real.
  • Your LinkedIn data may be for sale online — LinkedIn confirmed a data leak compromising users’ personal information like their email address, physical address, full name, and more. You thought those spammy sales messages were bad? Just you wait.
  • Ridesharing isn’t just getting a ride home after a night out — SpaceX recently launched 88 satellites into orbit for companies like NASA and ICEYE. Instead of launching each individually, SpaceX was able to hop in the carpool lane, launching all 88 satellites at once.

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