Remote Work Continues to Influence Tech Innovations

Remote Work Continues to Influence Tech Innovations

From Slack to Zoom, our favorite remote work tools continue to innovate, making our lives (and jobs) easier.

Last year’s move to operating remotely forced many companies to quickly rethink their processes. While tools like Zoom and Slack have helped us communicate across the globe — in and out of the office — for years, they recently became our only lifeline for connecting with coworkers.

To support their efforts to make collaboration frictionless, Zoom has acquired an AI company to provide real-time translations for meetings. While Zoom already has real-time transcriptions, this is only available for individuals speaking in English. We believe this acquisition makes a necessary step in the right direction toward ensuring digital accessibility for all

Slack, another remote work mainstay, has also announced platform updates. Slack’s new feature, Huddles, is similar to Discord audio chats and designed to replace the pop-by conversations you’d have with coworkers by your desk, in the hall, or on the way to meetings. Let’s just hope this is less pompous than Clubhouse.

While we’re excited to have the option to go back into the office, we’re grateful for all of the technology advances that have happened due to the shift to remote & hybrid work models.

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