Are We Roaring Yet?: PL;DR 4/2

Are We Roaring Yet?: PL;DR 4/2

Discover the latest in tech and investment news with the PL;DR from Partnership Leaders.

While the rest of the world was focused on clearing a giant tanker from the Suez Canal, we know that everyone here has been trying to remove the blockage in their end-of-quarter pipeline. We hope at least one AE is meeting a prospect at a vaccination site for that final signature. 

We know it’s too early to call, and many people have pointed out that the “roaring 20s” were under different circumstances, but we are hoping with companies already pushed to digital transformation, it’s our time to partner up and enjoy what the “new normal” can give us.

Here are a couple of things floating our boats this week:

Why Not Partner with Bitcoin?

Tesla, PayPal, and Bitcoin… no we’re not writing a romance novel based in San Francisco. Major companies are opting to partner with Bitcoin.

Facebook is Hiring a Chief Business Officer

After the departure of their CRO, Facebook is hiring a CBO. Could this role be yours?

Lyft & Tinder Are Here to Make it Easier to Netflix & Chill

What’s better than being able to meet your Tinder dates in person again? Lyft making it easy to send them home when they show up looking nothing like their profile image!

New Quarter, New Jobs!


Find your next gig in partnerships!

Other News We’re Watching

  • Forget what got stuck, check out what gets dropped! – Turns out everyone makes mistakes, there are at least 2,980 containers that dropped since November.
  • Remember free snacks? – We’ve done our fair share of speculating but FAANG has spoken and people are getting back to the office.
  • Get your Charleston on this weekend! – Channel the modern roaring 20s with the Great Gatsby soundtrack.

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