Facebook is Hiring a Chief Business Officer

Facebook is Hiring a Chief Business Officer

After the announced departure of Facebook's CRO, they're now looking to hire a CBO.

For many of us mere Partnership mortals, the idea of being a c-level executive would require a career pivot, or a very liberal title — we see you Chief Partnership Ecosystem Development Officers! But don’t give up quite yet, the role of Chief Business Officer is becoming more common in tech – and the partnerships ecosystem is a pretty huge part of the job. 

Your opportunity might come sooner than you think. After the announced departure of Facebook’s CRO, they’re now looking to hire a CBO.

What exactly would a CBO do at a company like Facebook? The responsibilities look similar to a COO/CRO — own revenue and pipeline, work well with other execs, build a great team, etc. So why is this a CBO role rather than something else? Looking at the qualification requirements helps. After having 20+ years experience in leadership roles of global teams, cool cool cool, the next biggest requirement is…experience growing revenue and sustainable partnerships.

For many consumer tech and product-led growth SaaS companies, the traditional sales motions are less important than the partnership, ecosystem, and BD strategy, which is why we’re seeing so many CBOs as opposed to CROs in these roles. I’ve got a phone screen with Zuck scheduled on Monday so I’ll let you know how it goes!

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