WSB Shorted the Weekend: PL;DR 2/19

WSB Shorted the Weekend: PL;DR 2/19

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We had a relaxing trip from the couch to the kitchen for the long weekend, we just can’t tell when it started or if it ended. 

We are hoping everyone stayed close to their portfolios to stay warm this week, as cities like NYC started to open up restaurants. We’re excited to argue about Uber prices and wait times again. 


Here are a couple of things we discussed over sourdough this week…

Find a Good Partner Fit…. Just Not Slack-SFDC Good

Some partnerships are great, which others are just unparalleled. This partnership falls into the latter category.

Congressman Brad Sherman Speaks the Truth

Sometimes, on a Zoom call, you really feel the need to tell someone to shove it. In the Congressional trial for the recent Reddit/GME/Robinhood kerfuffle, Brad Sherman may have done just that.

Palantir Turns Red Faster than a NYC Stoplight

The latest WSB meme stock suffers from sell-offs causing a rapid decline.

BTC Hits $50K and We’re Here to Help You Spend Your Profits

Not sure what to do with all your earnings now that Bitcoin is at $50,000? We’re here to help!

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