BTC Hits $50K and We’re Here to Help You Spend Your Profits

BTC Hits $50K and We’re Here to Help You Spend Your Profits

As Bitcoin hits a record $50k, we're here to help you spend your wins and show off your gains.

Every time BTC hits a new record we’re reminded of how Laszlo Hanyecz bought two Papa John’s pizzas for 10,000 bitcoin in 2010, the same amount today would allow him to buy ~15% of Papa John’s the company. But let’s not dwell on the past, here are what you could spend your Bitcoin on today.  

1 BTC will buy you:  

Diamond Encrusted Bluetooth Headset – For when you’re a Bitcoin millionaire, but you want to remind people of your humble beginnings as a NY taxi driver.
Crocodile Skin Umbrella – For when you’re trying to counter-protest PETA but the forecast is rain.  
crocodile umbrella
This mobile home in Hialeah, FL –  When you only bought 1 Bitcoin and want to live mortgage-free. Sure it looks super creepy, but it’s nothing some fresh paint can’t fix.
mobile home

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