Building Confidence With a Personal Brag Sheet

Building Confidence With a Personal Brag Sheet

Gloria Castillo of Docebo joins us to discuss the progression of her career so far and what it’s like being a woman in partnerships.

This article is part of our Women in Partnerships series, highlighting female professionals in the partnerships space. To learn more about the series and the Women in Partnerships group, check out the series intro.

Today, Gloria Castillo of Docebo joins us to discuss her entry into the world of partnerships, the progression of her career so far, and what it’s like being a woman in the industry.

Meet Gloria

Gloria Castillo lives in Toronto but was originally born and raised in El Salvador. Gloria has been working for Docebo, a learning technology company, since 2017. Initially part of their marketing team, she joined the partnerships organization in 2019 and is now their Partner Programs Manager.

Gloria shared that her career path was not straightforward, having worked in marketing and B2B sales. She had no idea what partnerships was all about until her company started developing a partner organization. A team came on board to recruit and work with partners in different parts of the world and that gave her the first look into the world of partnerships. Eventually, she had the opportunity to join as an alliance manager and was the second team member supporting the partnerships program.

About her role and partnerships in general, Gloria shared, “I love it. It’s an exciting world. All the experience I have in sales and marketing helps me in this field and to build strong relationships with our partner network.”

Looking at Progress One Year In

Gloria has had many proud moments throughout her career but shared that her leap to partnerships is the most recent. “I started in partnerships at the end of 2019 with very little knowledge of everything that’s involved in this area of a business and now, a year later, I have been given the opportunity to grow and move into an important role that will help our global partnerships thrive even more, and that is truly rewarding”

Gloria also highlighted how helpful her manager has been. “I think my progress really speaks to the fact that I have a great manager who has taught me so much and has shared invaluable knowledge with me. I have learned so much not only about partnerships but also about how to grow and develop professionally and it has made such a big difference in my career.”

Overcoming Obstacles

Like others we’ve interviewed in the space, Gloria highlighted how self-doubt has been an obstacle she’s worked through. “The biggest obstacle has been me, myself. Especially when I was changing jobs or starting in a new field, there were times I was dealing with a lot of self-doubts.”

Struggling with self-doubt can be a significant deterrent, limiting your ability to take on new responsibilities and face challenges head-on. “I haven’t overcome it 100%, as I feel it is natural to go through moments like this at certain times, but I’ve been focusing on working through it. One strategy I’ve implemented is the concept of a ‘brag book’ which showcases your accomplishments and wins. I actually learned about it at a recent Women in Partnerships event. I’ve been proactively looking at my record and trying to think about all that I’ve achieved, which can help to clear up those feelings of self-doubt when they do surface.”

Taking time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished and remembering the great achievements you never thought you could do is empowering and motivating.

Breaking Down Barriers

Gloria shared that she’s lucky to work at an organization where there are other women in leadership. “One thing I really love about the women in my organization is that the women in leadership roles, along with those not in leadership positions, have created a culture of support and collaboration.”

Managers, senior leaders, and directors alike are approachable and open to conversations. “There are three women at my company that I consider my mentors and we don’t even work in the same department. Overall, there’s a very supportive culture for women in tech, sales, and leadership that empowers me in my role.”

Unconventional Mentors

From the beginning, Gloria has been lucky to have lots of female mentors in her life. “It all started with my mom. She taught me what a strong woman is. I’ve always looked up to her and just known that I’m also strong and can accomplish everything I set my mind to.”

Gloria also shared how she’s found mentors in unexpected places. “I have many female friends who I admire how they just go for it. We talk not just about the day-to-day, but also about our aspirations, personal and professional, and raise each other up. I’ve met very important people in my life, that maybe at the beginning we didn’t seek out that typical mentor relationship, we just got to know each other and discuss careers. These are women who I particularly admire because they’re go-getters, powerful contributors, continual learners, eager to succeed, determined and hard-working. They’ve had a significant impact on my career.”

Advice for Others in the Industry

Gloria’s biggest piece of advice was to not be afraid to shine. “From personal experience really, it’s knowing your worth, what you bring to the table, and not being afraid to put it out there. There’s nothing wrong with saying ‘Yes, I can do this!’ and taking the lead. Being very aware of where you are right now and looking back at where you started, seeing everything that you have accomplished, every challenge that you’ve overcome, from small to life-altering is crucial. Every single experience you’ve been through has given you the knowledge and expertise that you need to continue being successful.”

“A lot of putting yourself out there and letting people know what you can do comes from a little bit of bragging, which is completely ok. With the WIP women and other colleagues, I see how women are so eager to continue learning and growing — that’s something we should be all proud of!”

Gloria also highlighted how beneficial series like this one are. “We’ve heard it a lot before — technology, sales, marketing, but not partnerships. It’s super important to have this outlet for women. I really appreciate what the community is doing because it really elevates the focus of what women bring to the table.”

Developing a Culture to Support Women in Partnerships

Gloria shared how much she appreciates having a group to lift up and celebrate women’s accomplishments. “It’s really important because it’s not just a group to share knowledge, but where we can support each other and cheer on one another. There’s growth that comes from the support you feel from communities like this.”

There’s power in uplifting powerful women in the industry. That’s why we’ve created a Women in Partnerships group, specifically for women in the industry.

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