Will the verification fever hit partnerships? ☑️

Will the verification fever hit partnerships? ☑️

Our new podcast series, a luxurious partnership, Chicago meetup and our classic memes and great content.

Howdy Partners! 

Mark Zuckerberg joined the “Verification-Palooza” this week when he announced the launch of Facebook and Instagram’s paid verification subscriptions. If this trend picks up, we might start seeing blue ticks everywhere, like on Pinterest. That way you can verify that you are the one that has been creating all those boards with DIY projects that you’ll never end up doing.


There’s a new baby podcast in our family! Unlearn, hosted by our CEO, Asher Mathew, and Kelly Sarabyn, from Hubspot, is a GTM podcast that features industry leaders talking about unlearning current playbooks and adopting new growth strategies. Watch the first episodes here.

Partnership of the Week

Cars all over the world vroomed in excitement when Mercedez-Benz announced a partnership with Google. This relationship will take the luxury car experience beyond leather seats and sunroofs, adding new in-car data and navigation capabilities from Google Maps. That’s what I call search engine optimization!

Can you relate?

New Groundwork episode

How can you build a strong partnership with a marketing agency? Katie Landaal from Zoominfo shares some amazing tips based on her experience working in The Recon Group. She also talks to Tai about:

  • Partnering with giants like Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft while working at Zoominfo
  • The challenges of shifting from an old-school reseller model to cloud distribution while setting up the Partner Program at Ingram Micro Cloud.
  • The importance of starting small before scaling when creating a Partner Program from scratch.
  • Lessons for success when working with resellers.
  • How to transition from giving free advice to setting up a partnerships consulting firm based on her experience founding The Elevate Group.

Click here to view the full episode on Youtube and here to listen on Spotify or other podcast platforms.

️ Chicago meetup

Winds of partnerships are blowing in Chicago! On March 2nd, partnerships folks from The City of Big Shoulders will get together to share drinks and stories in the Flight Club. Want to join? Register here!

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