A Newsletter You Actually Want to Read: PL;DR 2/12

A Newsletter You Actually Want to Read: PL;DR 2/12

Discover the latest in tech and investment news with the first ever PL;DR from Partnership Leaders.

Welcome to the first edition of our weekly round-up of all things that made us late for our next Zoom meeting. Each week, we’ll slide into your inbox with the best, worst, and weird of all things partnerships and technology. 


Mid-quarter is generally when partnership rubber hits the CRO road and we can forecast how much coffee we need to stockpile to hit our number at the end of March. But, it’s Friday, and we can’t wait to take off our blue light glasses and let down our COVID-length hair. Let’s jump into some things that made us smile this week. We assure you… We are not a cat… 

If you’re from Florida, you might still be smiling from Sunday’s upset. In one sense, the Superbowl was a great example of why partnerships are important. While Brady and Gronk won a Superbowl, Mahomes and The Weeknd probably wish they had some help out there.

Tell Us You’re 30 Without Telling Us You’re 30

It doesn’t get any more millennial than getting excited about saving 30 minutes of building a CSV.

Partnerception 2, 2 META

Explore our take on the Channel software Tech Stack 2021.

Hubspot Crossed $1BN ARR this Quarter

Congrats to the partner leaders over at HubSpot! Take a walk down memory lane with us.

Partnership job market busier than an ElonGMEBrady, Vaccine Clubhouse

The stars aligned as many SaaS companies exited 2020 in better shape than they forecasted and partnerships across the board showed that they were a valuable resource for new revenue. The result is an increase in job options. Kicking off 2021, our job Slack channel has been buzzing phones and annoying significant others throughout the day.

Recent roles include:

Other News We’re Watching

  • Bumble IPO – Investors swiped right on Bumble, skyrocketing shares 70% after going public this week. 
  • Disney+ about to hit 100MM subscribers – In a little over a year, one of the newest streaming platforms is reaching new limits as they announced yesterday that they now have 94.9 million subscribers.
  • Marijuana stocks got high – Unfortunately, it must’ve been schwag because the high was short-lived.

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