The Ultimate Christmas Challenge – Partnerships newsletter

The Ultimate Christmas Challenge – Partnerships newsletter

Surviving the holidays, becoming CEO of Twitter, battle tactics for partnerships folks, memes and more!

Howdy Partners! 

Christmas is arround the corner and many of you will be taking some well deserved time off during the holidays. That means, no emails, no Slack, no LinkedIn, and no Partnerships talk. Are you sure that you can make it?

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⚛️ Are you the next CEO of Twitter?

Elon Musk continues his incredible adventures as the supreme leader of Twitter. A couple of days ago, he asked his followers if he should step down from Twitter and 57% of them voted “Yes”. He said he will be resigning as CEO as soon as he finds someone foolish enough to take the job. Would you do it? 

Know your enemy – Partnerships Newsletter

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Partnership of the Week

Great news for remote workers! Deel and Little Emperors just announced the coolest partnership. If you are a member of Deel, you ‌get a complimentary yearly membership with Little Emperors, with access to amazing deals on luxury hotels around the world. If my boss is reading this, I’ll be working from Four Seasons in Dubai next week, OK?

️ New Groundwork episode

In this week’s episode, Chris Murray of Lead Forensics, talks about the key learnings for Partnerships success that he brought from his Account Management background. He also talks with Tai Rattigan about:

– The co-selling lessons he learned while working in Finance at HSBC
– The importance of face-time when moving from a sale-to to a sale-through model
– Why it’s important to document everything and share success stories internally
– How to build the habit of working on your personal brand through LinkedIn and the PL community
– How he manages the loneliness of an executive roleClick here to view the full episode on Youtube and here to access all our episodes on different podcast platforms.

Click here to view the full episode on Youtube and here to listen on Spotify.

End-of-the-year budget ideas – Partnerships Newsletter

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