Top Six Activities to Maximize Your Partnership Conference Experience

Discover how to make the most of your partnership conference experience with tips on networking, team planning, and attending valuable sessions. Boost your professional growth and drive success.

Going to a partnership conference can really boost your career and your company’s growth. These events are packed with chances to meet industry leaders, learn new skills, and make valuable connections. Whether you want to find new revenue opportunities or get tips to improve your programs, the right conference can be a huge help.

Take Catalyst, for example. You can join sessions that give practical advice, meet potential partners, and even plan a team offsite. It’s the perfect place to get a lot done.

If you plan to attend Catalyst or another conference, here are a few tips to make your admission ticket worthwhile.

1. Network and Unlock New Revenue Opportunities

Networking is one of the biggest perks of attending a partnership conference.

It’s not just about exchanging business cards, though. You can build relationships that lead to revenue streams as you meet people looking for the exact solutions you offer and vice versa.

At the conference, make the most of networking events, coffee breaks, and even casual conversations. Approach these interactions with a genuine interest in others’ businesses and be ready to share how your company can add value. 

These spontaneous chats often turn into lucrative partnerships.

2. Connect with Leaders of Prospective Partners

You have a golden opportunity to connect with top leaders from potential partner organizations. The key is to approach these leaders with a clear understanding of how your goals align with theirs.

Here are some strategies to initiate meaningful conversations:

  1. Do Your Homework: Research the leaders and their organizations beforehand to understand their needs and challenges.
  2. Prepare Your Pitch: Have a concise and compelling explanation of how your company can provide value.
  3. Ask Open-Ended Questions: Encourage dialogue by asking questions that require more than a yes or no answer.
  4. Listen Actively: Show genuine interest in their responses and build on the conversation based on what you learn.
  5. Be Respectful of Their Time: Get to the point quickly and be mindful of their busy schedules.

It’s crucial to maintain the connection after the conference. Send a follow-up message to express your appreciation for their time and to suggest next steps. Building relationships with these leaders opens doors to new projects, joint ventures, and other collaborative efforts that benefit both parties.

3. Plan a Team Offsite

This is especially true for remote-first companies that rarely get the chance to meet in person. A partnership conference is an excellent opportunity to gather your team for an offsite meeting. Being together in the same room can spark new ideas, strengthen team bonds, and align your strategic goals.

Use this time to conduct brainstorming sessions, review your partnership strategies, and enjoy team-building activities. 

The face-to-face interaction can enhance collaboration and communication, making your team more effective and unified. It’s a worthwhile investment in your team’s cohesion and success.

4. Plan a Partner Summit

Why not take advantage of the fact that many of your partners will be at the conference? It’s an efficient way to get everyone on the same page and discuss future collaborations in a more structured setting.

A partner summit is a focused meeting in which key partners are brought together to discuss strategic goals, share insights, and plan future initiatives. 

Setting up a partner summit doesn’t have to be complicated. Schedule it during the conference’s downtime, book a meeting room, and prepare an agenda that encourages open discussion and idea sharing. This dedicated time with your partners can lead to stronger relationships, clearer alignment, and a unified vision for the future.

5. Attend Sessions and Workshops

Your conference experience isn’t complete without attending a session or workshop. So, if you want to gain actionable insights and practical advice for your partnership programs, we recommend attending some of them. It’s a great opportunity to learn from industry experts and peers who have encountered similar challenges.

To choose the most relevant sessions, consider these tips:

  1. Review the Agenda: Look at the conference schedule ahead of time and highlight sessions that align with your interests.
  2. Set Your Goals: Identify what you want to achieve by attending the conference and select sessions that support these goals.
  3. Check the Speakers: Research the speakers to ensure they have the expertise and experience to benefit you.
  4. Balance Your Time: Avoid overloading your schedule. Pick a mix of sessions that offer different perspectives and areas of focus.
  5. Ask for Recommendations: Talk to colleagues or other attendees for their session suggestions.

We recommend carefully selecting the sessions and workshops you attend to ensure you walk away with valuable knowledge and practical guidance. The right sessions help you enhance your programs, solve current challenges, and implement new strategies that drive success.

6. Identify New Allies Across the Industry

We already said this earlier, but it’s worth repeating: partnership conferences are prime opportunities to form new professional relationships. Identifying new allies across the industry can help you grow professionally and amplify your organization’s impact.

Look for individuals and organizations that share your goals and values. Engage in conversations, attend networking events, and be open to collaborations. 

These new connections can provide fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and potential partnerships for your company. Building a diverse network of allies can be one of the most valuable outcomes of your conference experience.


Attending a partnership conference offers a wealth of opportunities for your team and company. If you want an impactful partnership experience, why not join us at Catalyst in Chicago this August 14-16? We’ve prepared an industry-leading speaker lineup along with great content, excursions, and features that you can only find at a modern conference like this one. Don’t miss out – plan your Catalyst experience today!

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