SPACs & King JR Meals Reach New Heights: PL;DR 5/14

SPACs & King JR Meals Reach New Heights: PL;DR 5/14

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This week we saw just how drastically prices can swing when supply isn’t guaranteed. After a ransomware attack compromised the Colonial Pipeline, there were hundreds of cars lining up at gas stations this week, with officials advising against filling plastic bags with extra gas. We’re officially 14 months into quarantine, but it’s hard not to have flashbacks of last year’s toilet paper hoarding crisis. 


This has brought to light an interesting marketing opportunity. On the topic, we’ll just say there will always be plenty of PL;DR to go around on Friday mornings.

As you reminisce on the craziness of the past few months (and hopefully don’t have to fight anyone for a tank of gas), here are a few things we’ve been thinking about this week.

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What’s the ROI of getting vaccinated?

As the country begins to hit a plateau with vaccinations, many states are getting creative to try to engage presently non-vaccinated individuals. Discover the ROI of getting vaccinated.

SPACs Lead to Record-shattering IPOs

Special purpose acquisition companies are officially having a moment. Explore how much companies have raised through SPACs this year.

King JR Kids’ Meals Come with a VR Game

Check out the partnership bringing VR games to King JR Kids’ meals.

Just in case you don’t win Ohio’s vaccine lottery…


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Other News We’re Watching

  • Maybe we’ll get Halo for mobile this year — Microsoft’s Xbox is partnering up with Tinicent’s TiMi Studios to create game content. While we’re not sure what the partnership will entail, we can only hope retro favorites like Halo and Fusion Frenzy will make a comeback in a mobile format.
  • SpaceX & Google Cloud partner to continue growing their satellite internet service — SpaceX plans to install Starlink terminals at Google data centers, starting with one in Albany, Ohio.
  • World-renowned bakers partner up — Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg were recently tapped by BIC to promote the launch of their latest lighter. The unexpected duo has had a relationship for over 13 years, collaborating on countless munchies over the years. Now they’re ready to help you light up this summer, whether you’re grilling or baking.

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