Running your Partner Program in Salesforce PRM

Tai Rattigan, Global Head of Partnerships at Deel, shares key metrics and the secrets to the success of Deel's Partner Program.

On May 18th, Tai Rattigan, Global Head of Partnerships at Deel, Global Head of Partnerships at Deel, hosted a panel with Emily Diserens, Product Marketer at Salesforce, Tim Tsao, Head of Partner Programs at Stripe, and Sheila Canto, Partner Program Manager at Stripe, about running your Partner Program on Salesforce. In this article we will share the main conclusions from that event, including the PRM Features and Tim’s strategic advice.

Creating Personalized Experiences in Salesforce PRM

When it comes to engaging partners, the panelists unanimously emphasized the importance of crafting personalized experiences within your PRM system. Tim from Stripe revealed that their partner program’s main focus is revenue generation. How do they achieve this? By building strong relationships, prioritizing key partners, and honing in on sourced leads and opportunities. Emily from Salesforce highlighted the versatility of Salesforce PRM, demonstrating how it caters to different partner types, including nonprofits and government entities. She stressed the significance of going beyond the initial sale and nurturing strategic relationships. Sheila from Stripe also touched on the importance of accelerating deals with partners and enhancing user experience through improved lead forms.

Key Features and Benefits of Salesforce PRM

Emily showcased the impressive features and benefits offered by Salesforce PRM, highlighting its user-friendly interface as a key factor in facilitating collaboration and engagement between partners and companies. The PRM empowers partners by granting them quick access to relevant information, automating processes, and providing valuable insights into their performance through comprehensive analytics. These capabilities enable partners to make informed decisions and effectively drive revenue growth.

Unmanaged Partners and their Role in Salesforce PRM

Tim shed light on the emerging trend of unmanaged partners, who contribute leads and seek co-selling assistance. Understanding the needs of these partners and offering suitable incentives emerged as a crucial focus for organizations. It’s essential to scale partner programs efficiently without solely relying on increasing the number of partner managers, which may not always be feasible. That’s were a tool such as Salesforce PRM comes in handy.

Introducing Slack for PRM

One exciting development discussed during the panel was the upcoming release of the Slack for PRM app. Sheila expressed her enthusiasm about this integration, which has the potential to significantly impact partner engagement and communication. Pilot tests with Slack channels have already shown increased partner engagement at Stripe, and further optimization is on the horizon. Emily confirmed that the Slack for PRM app is expected to be available by the end of June or early July, generating positive expectations from both Tim and Sheila regarding its impact on their partner programs. This integration promises to streamline communication and collaboration between partners and the company, reducing friction and removing barriers.

In conclusion, the panel discussion emphasized the importance of creating personalized experiences, harnessing the powerful features of Salesforce PRM, and adapting to the evolving landscape of partner programs. By prioritizing relationships, leveraging automation, and embracing innovative tools like Slack for PRM, organizations can enhance partner engagement, drive revenue growth, and foster mutually beneficial collaborations within their ecosystem. Salesforce PRM remains a versatile platform for optimizing partner programs and achieving sustainable success in the ever-evolving business landscape.

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