Robots Are Reproducing Now: PL;DR 12/3

Robots Are Reproducing Now: PL;DR 12/3

Will robots takeover? Will Amazon buy HubSpot? Discover the news we've been watching this week at Partnership Leaders.

Think it was hard enough to beat out shopping bots during Cyber Monday? You haven’t seen anything. If you were able to out-click those bots, congratulations…now it’s time to meet your next match…the Xenobot – a robot that is capable of reproducing. 

Will robots take over in 2022? Will Amazon buy HubSpot? Will you find your next favorite role? All of that in more, in this week’s PL;DR.

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Hit the Road, Jack!

Twitter founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey, stepped down from the company this week. What does the move mean for the social media platform?

Does Amazon Have Enough of Your Data Yet?

Will HubSpot join the ranks of Audible, Zappos, and Whole Foods as one of Amazon’s latest acquisitions?

Ring in the New Year with a New Role

Looking to start 2022 in a new role? Now’s your chance to start applying! Or, maybe you need to make up for all your Black Friday/Cyber Monday spending… There were many great roles posted to the Partnership Leaders community last week:

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our new Partnership Leaders Job Board! The board features open partnerships roles and you can create a job seeker profile by submitting your resume.

Now’s the Time to Get Gifts for Everyone on Your List!

Did you miss out on Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals? Don’t wait to deck everyone on your list out in Partnership Leaders swag!

  • For your teenage cousin — Get them a Partnership Leaders backpack they can fill with all their gear.
  • For your fitness-obsessed uncle This fanny pack is perfect for runs & hiking.
  • Your baby niece or nephew — Get them ready for their very first Zoom appearance in this PL onesie.

Other news we’re watching

  • Zoom offers remote workers a stimmy — Well, it’s not really another stimulus check, but Zoom has agreed to pay out in a class-action lawsuit over privacy and security. Depending on if you paid for a Zoom account or not, you may be eligible for up to $25. That’s four peppermint mochas in exchange for your personal information — more than most apps offer!
  • Buyers are back to shopping in-person — The ongoing pandemic can’t stop buyers from getting their deals! Around 105 million buyers shopped in-person for Black Friday, up from 92 million last year.
  • Spotify took over everyone’s social media feeds — You couldn’t scroll Instagram (or TikTok for you Zoomers!) without coming across someone’s Spotify Wrapped this week. You might be tired of seeing them, but we’re not! Share your tops artists and songs to #pl-aylist

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