Roblox: Not Just for Kids Avoiding Online School

Roblox: Not Just for Kids Avoiding Online School

Roblox isn't just for kids anymore! They recently announced their intention to IPO on 3/10/21, which is sure to be record-breaking.

Roblox announced this week their intention to IPO on 03/10/21 (which is Tai’s birthday, and he’s accepting stock as gifts). If you haven’t heard of them, it’s where everyone’s kids are now that they’re not in school. 
Roblox IPO
Credit @jrichlive 

As partnerships people, we know that the ecosystem of service providers and developers creating third-party applications form the foundation of scale at companies like Salesforce, Atlassian, Microsoft, Apple, and Google (kind of a big deal).

You might be surprised to hear that Roblox developers, people who build playable games on the Roblox platform, earned $250MM in 2020, which was up from $110MM the year before. Which, in retrospect, really makes us question the career path we made.

Congrats to the team building that ecosystem, it’s a testament to how all businesses should be thinking!

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