Partnerships Hit Online Communities

Reddit’s online communities are notorious for battling against each other, r/place looks to change that.

Reddit’s r/place made its original debut 5 years ago in 2017, but the popular social experiment made another appearance this year.

For those unfamiliar, r/place allowed Reddit users to place a single-colored pixelated block on a massive blank slate, with a new pixel-placing opportunity regenerating every 5 minutes. 

Not only is collaboration encouraged amongst users, but many popular subreddits partnered together – lending space for artists to place their work in their captured areas, in return for defending against trolls trying to reclaim the land.

What might seem like a silly April Fools’ day stunt could potentially be an insightful look into how partnerships can transcend into online communities. Take a look at the explanation of the various masterpieces here

We’ll try harder to create and defend a PL;DR space next time around, folks!

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