Partnerships Forecast: Brighter Than the Summer Sun

Partnerships Forecast: Brighter Than the Summer Sun

The PL;DR TL;DR on Supernode, GrubHub, and open industry roles.

We’re still recovering from our return flight back and we’ll be catching up on sleep this weekend so we’re ready to implement all of our Supernode learnings on Monday! 

If you weren’t in Philadelphia celebrating partnerships and ecosystems, don’t worry, we’ve got the PL;DR TL;DR for you below!

It’s a Damn Good Time to Be in Partnerships

Did we miss you at Supernode? Explore our takeaways from Crossbeam’s partner conference in Philadelphia.

GrubHub’s Flub

This week’s GrubHub lunch promo caused big problems for NYC restaurants.

Exciting New Roles to Explore!

Find your next opportunity in partnerships at Seeq or Listrak with these open roles!

Other news we’re watching

  • Apple really hates windows – The elusive Apple Car, which has been rumored for well over a decade, could feature no windows whatsoever according to a recent patent. Instead, passengers will strap on a VR headset and view whatever they’d like. Let’s hope that it comes equipped with a better-balanced sound system than AirPods
  • Photosynthesis takes green tech to new heights – Researchers at the University of Cambridge successfully harnessed the energy from pond scum to power a computer chip. While it isn’t likely your next computer will be powered by algae, it sure is pretty nifty.
  • Google goes bankrupt in Russia – Due to ongoing sanctions Google has implemented on Russia, local authorities have seized their local bank account. With a lack of funds, Google can no longer pay employees and other vendors. However, Google services will continue to operate as normal.

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