It’s a Damn Good Time to Be in Partnerships

It’s a Damn Good Time to Be in Partnerships

Did we miss you at Supernode? Explore our takeaways from Crossbeam’s partner conference in Philadelphia.

It was incredible for the Partnership Leaders team to meet so many of you in Philadelphia for Supernode! 

Kudos to Crossbeam on an incredible event. So much knowledge was shared, accompanied by some incredibly exciting announcements! 

Crossbeam rolled out their brand new mascot, PAM! We can’t help but wonder where CAM is…

Crossbeam also announced they acquired Partnered, which is huge for the entire industry. Separately, these tools were powerful. Combined, they will make a legendary outreach resource.

In case you weren’t at Supernode, we’ve rounded up the highlights for you! 

What You Missed at Supernode

We were excited to get the ball rolling at Supernode, which is why a welcome bowling party in partnership with Trustpilot was right up our alley!

Bob Moore, CEO of Crossbeam, kicked off the Supernode by exploring Crossbeam’s partner ecosystem. He quickly grew that ecosystem, welcoming Partnered to the Crossbeam family later in the conference.

Pandium CEO, Cristina Flaschen, presented on how to track the impact of tech partnerships on retention and ACV. In summary, tools like Pandium make it easier to track the impact of your tech partnerships so you can optimize and improve your efforts! 

Barbara Treviño, Senior Partner Operations Manager at Seismic, delivered a keynote on Seismic, their partner program, and the innovative custom dashboard they developed to enable all GTM teams with agile partner data.

While we can’t highlight them all, there was a slew of incredible presenters who joined the Crossbeam team to highlight how essential partnerships are to the future of all SaaS companies. Even Andreeson Horowitz partner, Sarah Wang shared, “Our best performing portfolio companies are the companies with partner-led strategies.”

Our Takeaways & Next Steps

Supernode was a blast! This week’s knowledge sharing was unparalleled. Next week is all about implementing your learnings.

  • Leverage platforms to grow your program. Don’t rely on in-house tech and instead focus your time on creating an incredible product. Your follow-up: explore the Partnership Leaders Ecosystem Catalog to find your ideal partner platform!
  • Plan for the long game. A three-year vision is a must, no matter how mature your organization is! Your follow-up: work with your team to build out your ecosystem roadmap.
  • Partnerships = Data + People. Your follow-up: get a handle on your data and your people to take your program to the next level. 
  • Partnerships touch so many aspects of the organization, as they’re uniquely positioned to impact all functional departments. Your follow-up: communicate the value of partnerships to your organization.
  • Your ecosystem is essential to growth. If you’ve not begun building your ecosystem, you’re falling behind your competitors. Your follow-up: get to work on your partner ecosystem! Crossbeam + Partnered (and the entire Partnership Leaders community!) are here to help you.

What were your top takeaways from Supernode? Share them with us in #general or on LinkedIn!

Don’t worry, if we couldn’t catch up with you this time around, there’s another chance to connect at Catalyst in Miami! You can still grab your ticket for August if you haven’t yet.

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