Partnership Leaders Takes Lead on Pre-seed Investment in

Partnership Leaders Takes Lead on Pre-seed Investment in

Following investments in Crossbeam and Partnered, Partnership Leaders Investments has led the pre-seed investment round in

Following investments in Crossbeam and Partnered, we’re excited to announce that Partnership Leaders Investments (PLI) has led the pre-seed investment round in

Thirty angel investors from the Partnerships and Ecosystem community participated, pledging their own capital and expertise to help this great company grow.

As we celebrate this milestone we wanted to share what it was about the team which got us excited to invest.

Partnerships teams need great tools to reach their potential

Functional technology and tools which help Sales, Marketing, Success, Product, and Engineering teams be more productive, collaborative, and data-driven have exploded in availability and continue to improve at a high rate. Comparatively, we believe the Partnerships team is dramatically underserved.

Partnerships, Ecosystems, and Marketplaces make up much of the strategic advantage held by the top-performing tech companies in the world but their teams are working in spreadsheets or jerry-rigged tools built for other teams while generating huge amounts of revenue for their companies. This is a significant opportunity for all companies building for our community.

Travis Bradley

“Working in partnerships is rooted in organization, relationships, and sales. However, much of the time of a partnership leader is spent in process and operations. is helping companies bring fluent experiences and saving time to focus on building strong alliances with their partners.” – Travis Bradley, Manager of Alliances – Financial Services, Tipalti

Partner Relationship Management tech is a vital piece of a successful team’s toolkit

PRMs are undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in the partnership leaders community. Finding a scalable solution to engage with partners, equip them with the right tools, and reward behaviors which drive growth are vital for a partner business to grow.

Historically, PRMs have been expensive, labor-intensive to implement, and too complex for Partners to easily adopt. They often go underutilized and remain a costly supplement to spreadsheets and manual processes. has made it their mission to enable teams with a cost-effective solution that is easy to implement and has a user interface that partners will really use. We love their approach!

Deven Ravel

“Now is the time to be investing in ecosystem technology in general. was a no-brainer for me. The founders have strong experience on both the revenue and product side of high-growth tech and have seen firsthand how streamlined partner operations drive speed-to-activation with new partners. What really impressed me was the native interoperability with the leading CRMs and partner ecosystem platforms like Crossbeam. The fast time-to-value and simplicity of this platform are redefining the standard for PRM products.” – Deven Ravel, Head of Technology Partnerships, Reputation

The team has a history of building and bringing great technology to market

We’ll spend more time with the founders in a follow-up article, but we were really impressed with the progress they had already made – several happy paying customers, a great product, and an awesome roadmap before they had transitioned to working on this company full time. The team has a history of building great companies and go-to-market organizations. With them making their full-time focus we’re so excited for how the roadmap accelerates.

Mike Stocker

“I invested in because they are solving real-world challenges that Partnership leaders are seeing around managing partner relationships, handling pain points like partner attribution and partner commissions, etc. Additionally, the team, led by Eddie Patzsch are exceptionally capable and understand partnership needs.” – Mike Stocker, VP, Partnerships, RollWorks at NextRoll, Inc

About PLI

Julia Doran contentsquare

“Getting in at the ground level with a great product was appealing. The team has a track record of success, and the market opportunity for this product is massive. Partnerships are a critical component for tech ecosystems and will become more important moving forward.” – Julia Doran, Partner Sales Manager, Contentsquare

PLI is an angel investor syndicate made up of executives and operators at leading companies across the tech ecosystem. Our average check size is ~$250K and we generally have ~20 angels participate in an investment.

We bring together the value-add of our angel investors while keeping a founders cap table and admin simple with a single investing entity.

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