Navigating the AWS Partner Program – Justin Forth @Groundwork

Navigating the AWS Partner Program – Justin Forth @Groundwork

Justin Forth, founder of Cloud Partner Strategy, talks to Tai Rattigan about his career and how to navigate the AWS Partner Program.

Justin Forth is the founder of Cloud Partner Strategy, where he helps companies design partnership teams and strategies for scale and success. He has a particular focus on the AWS Partner Program, GCP and Azure, co-selling, co-marketing and partner integrations.

AWS Partner Program expert
Justin Forth, AWS Partner Program expert

His Journey into Partnerships

Justin started going door to door, selling photocopiers in San Francisco but quickly got into the tech industry. Justin bounced around mobile advertising for a couple of years, before helping start a company in Berlin called PubNative. After that, looking to stay more local, he moved into the media and entertainment space, landing in THX. He was in charge of modernizing the brand and developing new lines of business. He worked with streaming, virtual reality and live events like Beyonce’s “Formation” tour. After the company got acquired, he landed on AWS, officially starting his career in partnerships.

AWS Partner Program

Justin worked at AWS for about 3 years doing partnerships for startups in general. Starting in this role, his main concern was how he could help startups navigate AWS and, more specifically, AWS’s partnerships world. After a couple of years on the Partnerships side of AWS, he moved onto the Marketplace team. He worked with VC’s and private equity firms and their portfolios, to help them understand how, why and when to work with the marketplace. A couple of years there has made Justin a solid expert on how to partner with AWS.

If you want to know more about Justin’s journey and get some amazing insights on the AWS Partner Program, listen to the full episode here.

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