More Ways to Connect with Professionals in Partnerships: May Member Update

More Ways to Connect with Professionals in Partnerships: May Member Update

Explore the latest partnership news in the Partnership Leaders May Member update.

As you likely already know, we’re big fans of the concept 1+1=3. The key to driving that additional value comes from finding the right-fit partners. We want to help you find not just incredible professionals to partner with, but also professionals who can share in your similar experiences and provide insights from their time in the industry.

To continue fostering those connections, we’ve introduced a few new member matchmaking solutions to the community. We know that members want to find fellow partnership professionals tackling the same challenges they are and we are excited to be rolling out a solution to make this a more elegant experience for everyone!

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Webinar – The future of teaming in the workplace: An organizational psychology perspective

As the work environment evolves, so does the nature of highly effective teaming. Join Daniel Graff-Radford and Dr. Scott Dust as they discuss the psychology behind business relationships and partnerships in 2021.

What you’ll learn:

  • How the use of teams has changed over time
  • 3 most common challenges in partnerships
  • How to capitalize on recent trends in technology
  • How to optimize the utility of teams

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Recent Partnerships Insights

We’ve had a surplus of talented partnerships professionals on our blog recently exploring their journeys in partnerships.

What advice would you give to other partnerships professionals?

“Be a student of your industry. Understand the things your customers care about: lean into who they were, and who they want to be. I love the idea of falling madly in love with your partner’s challenge. As you evolve, you realize impacting the growth of their business helps them sell more of your product.”

Discover how Barrett started managing agency partnerships from restaurant partnerships.

How does your entrepreneurial mindset influence how you approach partnerships?

“I take ownership of projects, teams, and initiatives that I work on and see them as my own business. I think it allows me to think both strategically and tactically to achieve goals. Treat each partnership as building a business. It has its own idea phase, and crawl, walk, run periods that tie into things like adoption and growth.”

Explore Mike’s advice for growing partnerships, growing a partner team, and the ideal reporting structure.

How can you stay top-of-mind with partners?

“If possible, send regular custom monthly newsletters to your top tier partners announcing any product updates, that month’s performance as compared to previous months along with key highlights and top sales reps of the month/quarter.”

Explore Sumer’s insights for enabling successful partnerships as a Partner Manager.

How does your experience in other roles support your success today?

“It plays the biggest role when I’m engaging a technology partner. Some of the relationships I built with our Product team are still key relationships seven years later, and I’m able to use those learning in developing the ecosystem today.”

Explore Henry’s journey to partnerships and all the functional experiences that contribute to his success today.

Best of & Trending Topics by Channel


Partner Pods “I’m curious if anyone has experience with your partner team operating in a ‘pod’ structure. For example, a Partner Manager is paired with a Partner BDR to manage a larger portfolio as a team. The partner manager works with a set book of key/strategic partners and the Partner BDR nurtures a broader base of partners in a 1:many way + identifies new folks who are high potential.” Explore how others have implemented PDRs at Optimizely, Amplitude, and Avalara.


Compromising on Discounted Partner Services “Hi everyone, how many of you charge partners anything/a discounted rate for the products/services you provide? I commonly run into a dilemma with our channel partners who sign a contract agreeing to 1 free license and the rest with a 50% discount, but later they try to convince me to give them more free licenses. Would love to hear your thoughts/tips!” Explore strategies like providing a sandbox for partners and more.


Content Management “I am looking for suggestions on where to house content for partners in an organized fashion. I need something a little more robust and better at displaying organized content.” Discover the tools partner professionals are using to share documents externally.


Developer Evangelists “Interested in how many people have Developer Evangelists [aka Developer or Partner Relations] within their orgs? For those who do, where do they report / what function do they rollup to?” Explore partnership executives’ take on the role.

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5/27 – Partnership Leaders Roundtable: Technology Partner Programs (Member-exclusive roundtable)

Join Chris Formosa and Chris Samila for an open forum to discuss scaling and managing a technology partner program.

Did you miss these recent events? Catch up with the recordings!

  • Scalable Strategic PartnershipsLearn about different types of strategic partnerships and what made them successful.
  • Lessons Learned from Partnering Gone WrongExplore times partnering didn’t go as planned how an IT and telco company mismatched service delivery and how misaligned cultural issues created challenges in the early channel distribution efforts in the Africa and Central Asia regions.

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