Mastering Enterprise RFPs with Effective Partner Relationship Management Software Strategies

Mastering Enterprise RFPs with Effective Partner Relationship Management Software Strategies

Mastering Enterprise RFPs with Effective Partner Relationship Management Software Strategies

Facing the RFP storm and losing ground due to the vendor consolidation game? It’s a familiar narrative in the SaaS martech world. Consider the challenge of enterprise RFPs, particularly in partner relationship management software, where the requirement isn’t just for a tech solution but a seamless blend of platforms and services. 

So, how do you navigate this maze and come out on top? Let’s dive into the insights from the industry experts engaged in this insightful conversation.

Industry Experts Greg Higgins, GM EMEA & Head of Global Partnerships at Splash, Bryan Nugent, Alliances Manager at EPAM, Heather Roth, Director – Digital Strategy at Slalom, Jeannette Arrowood, RVP, Pendo Partnerships & Alliances at, Gabriel Dillon, Head of Partnerships at Ninetailed, and Craig Regan, Partnerships & Business Development Leader, all shared valuable contributions that reflect the diverse landscape of partnership strategies particularly within the domain of “partner relationship management software.

In this blog, we’ll provide a practical guide on thriving in the competitive landscape of Enterprise RFPs through influential tech and agency collaborations. 

Co-Selling vs. Reselling

Bryan shared actionable insights on the delicate balance between reseller agreements and co-selling approaches within the partner relationship management software landscape.

“Some agencies want reseller agreements set up so it’s one piece of paper. For larger SIs like mine, we don’t resell but co-sell with the partner. We go in together to help push the solution and implementation work. So everything stays separate but still, the customer knows we both can do what they need.” – Bryan Nugent

As Bryan highlighted, this approach ensures a more tailored solution for the customer. By co-selling instead of reselling, the partner and EPAM maintain their individual strengths while presenting a united front to meet the client’s needs.

Submitting basic vendor information separately for the tech and SI seems to be the norm for the legal nitty-gritty. Bryan underlines the importance of flexibility and alignment in partnership strategies, emphasizing results-driven collaboration in the partner relationship management software ecosystem.

Leveraging Existing Partner Relationships

Heather highlighted the strategic advantages of tapping into existing partner relationships.

“We also don’t resell and prefer to co-sell, but it might be harder in some of your RFP situations. It would be good to know if any of your partners are in the client already because they will have an existing MSA. It might make it easier to have a separate services SOW on their paper if they do.” – Heather Roth.

Leveraging operational efficiency by capitalizing on established partner relationships can significantly streamline collaboration. As Heather suggests, if your partner is already engaged with the client, exploring their existing Master Service Agreement (MSA) can be a game-changer. This move may facilitate incorporating a separate services Statement of Work (SOW) on their established terms. 

Such an approach optimizes processes and demonstrates a shrewd and resourceful mindset, aligning with the ethos of effective collaboration within the Partnership Ecosystem.

Crafting Opportunities from Challenges

Gabriel then highlighted the untapped potential within these efforts, shedding light on the considerable opportunities that arise from effective partnerships.

Turning a challenge into an opportunity is a classic move. 

Co-selling with your SI/agency partner, aligning materials, and discussing budgets transform a situation into a referral; it’s a power move that underscores proactive collaboration and strategic alignment.

Insights from Reseller Partners

Reseller partners bring a different flavor to the table. Integration is smoother, and the legal dance becomes a one-time affair, says Jeannette Arrowood

With this in mind, partnering with Reseller Partners in the partner relationship management software landscape offers a unique advantage. As Jeannette Arrowood points out, their involvement brings a different flavor. 

Integration becomes a smoother process, and the legal dance transforms into a one-time affair. This streamlined collaboration simplifies operations and emphasizes the efficiency of adopting reseller partnerships within the partner relationship management software ecosystem.

A Word from the Experienced

“Regarding reseller agreements, it’s a great option if you can agree on the business and legal terms with your partner. Each partnership is unique, so it’s important to ensure you have buy-in from multiple teams, including leadership, finance, and legal.”

Reseller agreements demand teamwork and clear communication as they ensure that all facets of the partnership align seamlessly. 

Following Craig’s advice, it becomes evident that reaching a consensus on business and legal terms is pivotal for success. Each partnership, being unique, requires buy-in not just from a singular perspective but from multiple teams, including leadership, finance, and legal. 


With enterprise RFPs, where the demand for partner relationship management software solutions is consistently high, mastering the art of partnership is not merely a strategic choice but an imperative. The path to success involves a thoughtful, adaptable, and collaborative approach – transforming challenges into opportunities and opportunities into tangible outcomes.

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