Make Some Time for Yourself this Weekend

Make Some Time for Yourself this Weekend

Try these self care activities designed to help you work through burnout and end your weekend feeling refreshed.

Whether recent news has you feeling down, you’re feeling burnt out from yet another QBR, or you just need a break, take some time for yourself this weekend. Here are a few ideas to help you kick back, relax, and treat yo self!

  • Do a honey hair mask. This beginner-level DIY is so easy, you can rock a hair mask on your next audio-only Zoom call. 
  • Try yoga at your desk. Did you have great intentions for that sit-stand desk that’s now permanently in sitting position? We’ve all been there. Try this quick yoga routine to inject some movement in your daily routine. Or, you can move away from your desk with this 6-minute chill yoga routine.
  • Make a done list. To-do lists help you get organized, but they can also be stress-inducing. Celebrate all that you’ve accomplished this week or this year with a done list.
  • Get inspired. Turn grit into a life-long habit with this TedTalk from Angela Duckworth, author of Grit.
  • Sign out for the weekend. Set boundaries at work and consider deleting the email app from your phone for the weekend.

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