It’s a Big Week in Tech. What’d you miss?

It’s a Big Week in Tech. What’d you miss?

It’s a Big Week in Tech. What’d you miss?

Validation for the Crypto Community

Google makes a groundbreaking announcement at its Cloud Next Conference that it will become the first of its competitors to accept digital currencies. The deal is in partnership with Coinbase which is the crypto exchange platform the cloud payments will be accepted through. This new venture could open the door for more large, established companies to follow suit. It wouldn’t be the first time Google took the lead.

This partnership is expected to become the gold-standard for the white-labeling path in Crypto, according to Owen Lau of Oppenheimer. Isn’t it inspiring what a partnership could do for the credibility of one business?

A Gamechanger for Sales Processes Everywhere

If your company has a sales process, listen up. Assuming everyone kept reading. Walnut, officially announced its partner program this week! 
Congratulations to Noam Horenczyk and the Walnut team – you can sign up for the program here!

Weekend Watching

In this episode of Groundwork from Partnership Leaders, Mike Vaccaro of talks with Tai Rattigan about how to build and maintain the trust with C-level executives at Tray. He shares how he got to where he is today and gives the hottest tips on starting your entrepreneurial journey! This is insight you can’t get elsewhere.

WANTED: Women in Partnerships

Did you know that almost half of the attendees as Catalyst in August were women? Pretty impressive, and we’d go as far as to say women are taking partnerships by storm. Our community is motivated to drive change, and we are definitely here for it.

If you are a woman or nonbinary person with expertise in partnerships, business development, alliances, channel or ecosystem, you’re going to want to listen up. We’re looking for speakers for events, podcasts, webinars and more that are looking to compete with manels. Partnership Leaders is starting a movement and we want you to be part of it. If you think you have what it takes, add your name to the list here. 

Forbes reported that women made up 27% of speakers at tech conferences in the US in 2019 and we’re making it our mission to get that number UP.

If you have any further questions about this initiative please reach out to Kelly Sarabyn or Yunita Hollinger.

Latest and Greatest in Tech Partnerships

Meta announces a partnership with Microsoft to bring new content to Meta’s Metaverse hardware efforts. Two leaders in the world of tech? We have no doubt this is going to be good. The content will include Windows apps and Teams tie-ins and will be integrated with Quest devices bringing the tools to their headsets. To top it all off, it was mentioned that Xbox Cloud Gaming will arrive on Quest devices sometime soon, fingers crossed.

After almost a full year in the works, Wildfire Systems, Inc. just sealed the deal on a casual partnership. Ready for this? That’s right – the world’s largest card issuer, Visa is partnering with Wildfire as their financial technology platform will power their new affiliate program, VAMS. The Visa Affiliate Marketing Solutions program will enable 50,000+ users to deploy online shopping rewards programs such as cashback and discounts as a cardholder benefit. Huge win!

HyperGuest and BookingWhizz have joined forces to seamlessly send and receive data from and to different property management systems and channel managers without a direct connection. Both companies being in the hospitality industry makes for a direct alignment and seamless partnership.

Let’s talk startups! FlagKap is the first tech-enabled revenue-based financial platform in the MENA region and announced a $3.6M seed round this week. The company’s plan for utilizing the money is to strengthen its position as the region’s top revenue-based financing provider, which will help e-commerce companies everywhere. Do we hear a potential partner in the works?

The Week’s Big Leadership Themes:

First one of the day is an absolute fire share from Marco De Paulis (Whiplash) . He’s drafted a first version of a Mutual Success planning template for us to collaborate on. If you’ve got some suggestions, please add them as a thread in his original post

Alan Alberto ( is looking for guidance around Marketplace enablement, the benefits that have scaled and worked best in driving value, got any tips? Reply in the thread.

Jennifer Richey (Vena Solutions / Partnership Leaders / Women in Partnerships) is looking for suggestions for what tools allow you to support the certification of partners including allying badging. Have some ideas? Let her know.

David Meyers (Adobe) is looking for support on PRM implementation that has the ability to sell benefits to partners. Please reach out to David here.

Justin Graci (HubSpot) is looking for Insights on how you manage your partners on your enablement platforms. He’s open to any and all ideas/insights/shares, contribute here

Ashley Taylor (G2) is asking if you know of any user analytics platform that tracks user behavior in activating integrations and understanding if there’s any changes in behavior. If you know of any or have any suggestions or want to follow along – check out her post here.

Mandeep Singh (Deputy) Singh – is looking to hire their first Partner ops role and is looking for some advice like, is this too much for one person? Do you have ideas around this? Feel free to jump in here.

Lani Parrocha (Culture Amp) has some partner metrics questions. Have you separated Channel vs Product (tech integrations) success metrics? She asked a few more questions here – if you can share your thoughts, that would be amazing!

Kelly Liberi (Maxar Technologies) is looking at expanding her channel to include VSIs, SIs, Tech Partners and possibly MSPs. Do you know of any resources you can share to help guide her? Reply in a thread links or tag a member who you think would be able to help. Thanks!

Our friend, Bryan Williams (Hockeystick) was recently interviewed by a well known tech guy down in Australia and he shared his thoughts on Catalyst and the industry ops ahead. Check it out. Thanks Bryan! 

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