How to Get the Most Out of Partnership Leaders: June Member Update

How to Get the Most Out of Partnership Leaders: June Member Update

We’ve been busy rolling out new features, resources, and more for members, as well as launching a series of events open to the public....

We’ve been busy rolling out new features, resources, and more for members, as well as launching a series of events open to the public. Are you taking advantage of all the benefits of Partnership Leaders? From our community Slack group to panels and roundtables, matchmaking services, and more, there are tons of ways to expand your network and advance your career.

This month, complete the following member activities to be entered to win a Partnership Leaders mug:

  1. Hop into #general and tell us where we should return with in-person PL events first.
  2. Attend an event (or register and watch the recording).
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Spotlight Webinar – Partnerships Career Progression Panel

Join host Bob Moore, CEO of Crossbeam, for Q&A with a panel of industry leaders to hear how they navigated their journey into partnerships and lessons learned along the way.

Panelists will discuss topics like:

  • The journey from Sales, Customer Success, and other areas to Partnerships and C-Suite
  • Lessons learned going from Partnerships to Sales and vice versa
  • Trends they’re seeing in partnership careers
  • Suggestions for where to find a mentor

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Recent Partnerships Insights

We’ve had a surplus of talented partnerships professionals on our blog recently exploring their journeys in partnerships. If you’re enjoying our career progression blog series, be sure to register for our upcoming panel!

How have your broad experiences contributed to your success in partnerships?

Marketing, sales, and account management/customer success experience can play a huge role in being successful with partners. The time I spent managing customers taught me a lot of the skills needed when managing partners. I also leverage my marketing and sales experience daily when working with partners and internal team members.”

Explore Emily’s decade-long journey in tech, including how she became the VP of Alliances at BetterCloud.

What advice do you have for women in partnerships?

“There’s nothing wrong with asking questions. You don’t have to know the answers right then and there. Especially with partnerships, it’s like a relationship and you might not find the right answer at the first meeting. Take the time to learn and to ask questions. It’s okay to make a mistake, as long as you learn from it.”

Explore how Diana landed in the partnerships industry after a career in music.

What are your goals as the VP of Global Partnerships & Alliances at

I’m a big believer in influence. The goal is to build a big ecosystem of partners I can rely on and trust to ask for advice, recommendations, and more. I want to ensure we have an ecosystem to support the sales organization.”

Dig into Mike’s role as a partnerships team of one.

How did you end up in leading partnerships at Friendbuy?

“In September of 2020, I went to our CEO and said, ‘I think we’re leaving a lot of opportunity on the table without a Partnerships function and I’d like to start it and run it.’ He said, ‘Go for it.’ and now I’ve been building the Partnerships function from scratch.”

Discover how Samantha has forged her own path at Friendbuy and lessons learned along the way.

Webinar – Women in Channel

The Allbound Women in Channel Summer Series will highlight top female leaders in the industry. Register today to attend the webinar discussing:

  • Diversity in channel
  • The importance of mentorship (with a mentor matching program)
  • The future of women in channel
  • Navigating the modern work/life balance

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Best of & Trending Topics by Channel


SPIFFs “What’s your most creative SPIFFs for partners?” Explore how tactics members have implemented, including renting luxury sports cars and handing out hundreds in cash.


Tools for Compliance Review “What tools/services do you all use to review apps & integrations throughout the year in terms of risk & compliance, etc? Ideally, something that’s automated vs a manual process.” See the third-party compliance tools recommended by members.


Prospecting Resources “Curious if anyone has helpful tools/resources they’ve used to opportunity size potential agency/SI partners specifically? Are there are any resources that can help provide things like company profiles, client base size, target markets, geo, etc to inform if a company is a partnership fit?” Check out the resources recommended by members.


Improving Virtual Sales Training Sessions with Partners “Do you do anything out of the ordinary or unique to keep people engaged? Any out-of-the-box promotional gear to send instead of the normal pens, hand sanitizers, notebooks, etc.? Any sales training advice, lessons learned, or general feedback is appreciated.” Explore resources and recommendations for improving sales training sessions with partners.

The Partner Playbook is BACK!

Crossbeam introduces the second edition of The Partner Playbook, a collection of practices, frameworks, and insights to help you thrive as a modern partnership professional. No more feeling lost or struggling to prove your value.

Download the Playbook for Free

Recent Partnered Up Podcasts

We’re grateful to have been on the Partnered Podcast recently discussing all things Partnership Leaders, including a sneak peek at some of the future initiatives we have in the works!

Hear all the Partnered Podcasts episodes

Don’t Miss These Upcoming Events!

Members can now use Eventbot in Slack to RSVP to events!

  • 6/18 – Strategies to Drive Partner Co-selling Collaboration with Sales Teams (Member-only roundtable) Registration open
  • 6/23 – Career Progression in Partnerships (Open to the public) Registration open

Mark your calendars — registration will be open soon for these upcoming events.

  • 6/29 – Building a Reseller Program
  • 7/8 – Partner Marketing Strategics and Tactics
  • 7/13 – Career Progression Breakout Event
  • 7/15 – Strategic Alliances: Where to Begin

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