Got Cookies?: PL;DR 4/30

Got Cookies?: PL;DR 4/30

Discover the latest in tech and investment news with the PL;DR from Partnership Leaders.

We’ve got lots of exciting partnerships and tech news to share with you this week…but you know that by now. Scroll down to see the goods. 

Apple Provides Tracking Transparency

Apple opts to uphold consumer privacy instead of giving in to the ever-increasing fight for cookies. Explore their transparency efforts.

Simone Biles Opts for a Partnership that Aligns with Her Values

Even if a partnership seems like a good fit at first, it may not be ideal in the long run. Check out the new athleisure company Simone Biles has decided to partner with.

Taco Bell Partners with the Moon for their Latest Promo

Sometimes, the moon looks like a taco, and Taco Bell is taking advantage of that opportunity with their latest promo.

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Suit Up

Did you donate all your suits to Goodwill after going remote and now you need one for an interview? H&M launched a new suit rental service to help you out when you interview for one of these roles:

Other News We’re Watching

  • Budlight is working on your Summer plans – Budlight is here with their $10M Summer Stimmy designed to drive consumers back to bars, festivals, and sporting events this summer.
  • Find your focus this Friday – Thinking about your weekend plans? Pop on these binaural beats to crank through your Friday tasks.

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