Enhancing UX Through Partnerships

Enhancing UX Through Partnerships

Enhancing UX Through Partnerships

Using Partnerships for Good

We see partnerships everywhere, not just in tech, so it’s fulfilling when we see big names working together to form a partnership that will benefit the greater good. Sustainability is the talk of the town currently. What better way to bring attention to this than a groundbreaking partnership? This is exactly what the United States and United Arab Emirates are doing in partnering up to spur $100 billion in clean investment.

By 2035, this partnership will have worked together to develop 100 gigawatts of clean energy. The deal, signed during the Adipec energy conference in Abu Dhabi, is known as the “Partnership for Accelerating Clean Energy” (PACE) and has four main efforts: the development of clean energy innovation and supply chains, managing carbon and methane emissions, nuclear energy, and industrial and transport decarbonization.

Certain climate activists have voiced their feelings of doubt for the mission, but there’s nothing like a strong partnership to prove doubters wrong.

No Reward Without Risk

As partnerships people, we all know the importance of celebrating our wins, and how taking risks can seem daunting, but can bring success. This week, someone in NASCAR took a leap of faith that we can all look to for inspiration.

ICYMI Ross Chastain pulled a move that gave NASCAR more buss than the NFL, even if just for a few hours. Chastain knew that if he wanted to be included in the season finale quartet, he had to beat Denny Hamlin. He made a bold move and ran his No. 1 Chevy so high that the racecar rode the wall – something straight out of a movie – and his risk, resulted in reward. Chastain skyrocketed from 10th to 5th place and ultimately made it to the top four.

Speaking of epic experiences… 

Join the waitlist for Catalyst 2023 –  August 21-23, 2023 in Denver!

After Catalyst 2022 in Miami, we heard things like “let’s do this again next year”, “we’re going to bring our entire teams”, “I don’t like sweating”… so we’re leaving the humidity behind and moving Catalyst 2023 a mile above above sea level to a place hopefully not quite so sticky, Denver!

Catalyst 2022 was a first-of-its-kind meeting of the best partnership teams from around the world, we spent two days writing the next chapter of partnerships.

Tickets sold out faster than we expected and many were unable to attend, so we’re opening the waitlist earlier this year to make sure the people who need to be there can make it!

Expect an elevated experience; the best in partnerships, unrivaled networking, fresh insights and a ton of fun. We’re going to change the format based on feedback received and learnings from the best conferences in the world to create a unique experience. Don’t miss it! Join the waitlist now to access pre-release tickets.

How to Get Time With a CRO


The Chief Revenue Officer executive position has grown immensely over the last decade. Everyone wants their time with them. Everyone wants to partner with them.  CROs are the focal point of many GTM leadership conversations. In this video Asher Mathew (who made the jump from partnerships to CRO) chats with Arnie Gullov-Singh (CRO, Ethena) about how YOU can build a relationship with the CRO.

This Week’s Common Theme: User Experience

Speaking of human/user experience, Kramer is joining GPA’s Global Partner Program to elevate audio-visual technologies for their enterprise-level customers. An exciting component of their reason to partner was that the two companies had a multitude of shared values – a key to success.

With a goal of strengthening their competitive positioning in the US, Seedtag has partnered up with Adelaide, an attention-measurement provider. The ultimate goal is to help clients move beyond viewability and gain a deeper understanding of the media they’re consuming.

Another win for user experiences everywhere! Bluestone PIM announced their partnership with Contentful this week to start spreading word about composable technology, which prioritizes the user experience. The platform allows teams to assemble and deploy their content and digital experiences at a highly efficient speed.

To end the week strong, Mozilla launched a $35 million venture capital fund for early-stage responsible startups. Honing in on so-called responsible new businesses is how Mozilla plans to separate them from other tech-related venture capitalists. Mozilla shared it was time for them to get some VC experience under their belt as other tech giants like Salesforce, Zoom, Google and more were already in the game. 

Weekend Watching

In this episode of Groundwork from Partnership Leaders, Kelly Sarabyn of HubSpot talks with Tai Rattigan about:

  1. How does the product manager own the marketplace?
  2. What are some of the pain points of APIs when building marketplace strategies?
  3. How does a company use product-led integrations to expand and monetize?

This Week’s Big Leadership Themes:

Tai Rattigan – (Partnership Leaders / Deel) asks the common question that we all think when someone asks us what we do for a living. What do you say you do to the common person outside of Partnerships? Jump in here and let us know.

Rachel Grosh (Udemy) asks if anyone has a partner programs agreement and they are looking for how other members vet incoming partners. Can you add some thoughts here?

Marco De Paulis (Whiplash) and team killed it with this fantastic Partner Success template. Give it a like, comment or even feedback if you don’t mind! Power of Community, right here!

Barbara Treviño (Seismic) is looking for a transactional partner agreement (referral agreement) that she could gain inspiration from. Do you have one? She’s also looking for a job rec for an Integrations Partner Manager role. Do you have one of those too?

If you missed it. Check out the recording from our latest Digital Series, Scaling Technology Partnerships!

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