BRB, Mining an NFT of the Rare Baby Ghost Shark

BRB, Mining an NFT of the Rare Baby Ghost Shark

The future of tech won The Big Game.

Howdy, Partners!

We’re more than halfway through February, and nowhere close to being halfway done digesting the copious amounts of boxed chocolates and buffalo wings consumed this past weekend. 

This week’s PL;DR is focused heavily on crypto because let’s be honest, cryptocurrency companies were the real winners on game day. If you’re not attuned with American sports – good for you. We’re jealous. 

First off, let’s take a look at how Walt Disney’s once-fabled utopia could be making a comeback…

Walt Disney is Defrosting in 3…2…1…

Will this new Disney community be all it’s cracked up to be? Perhaps partnerships are the secret to a successful utopia!

Crypto, NFTs, VR, QR, and EVs – Oh My!

Amidst dozens of celebrity cameos, electric vehicles and crypto stole the show this past Sunday.

You Wouldn’t Steal An NFT, Would You?

Right clickers Hiding money: How will the future of Cryptoassets unfold?

Other news we’re watching

  • Baby Shark has a big week! — If you’ve got kids, you know every word and every dance move to Baby Shark by heart. Well now, Baby Shark is better than ever! This week, a rare baby ghost shark was spotted off the coast of New Zealand, which is quite the publicity stunt for promoting Paramount’s planned Baby Shark movie, also announced this week.
  • Valentine’s Day leave you feeling lonely? —  Sonantic recently created an AI voice actor that can successfully depict different emotions through inflections, including flirting and teasing. How sensual. Even more sensual is Playboy’s planned mansion in the metaverse.
  • As if supply chain problems weren’t causing enough trouble — A cargo ship transporting VWs and Porsches was abandoned Wednesday when the boat caught fire. While all crew members were confirmed to be safe, there’s no telling if the estimated 2,500 vehicles will ever see asphalt. 

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