Alexis Petrichos’s Powerful Framework for Growing Chili Piper’s Partner Program

Alexis Petrichos’s Powerful Framework for Growing Chili Piper’s Partner Program

Alexis Petrichos discusses what he’s been working on over at Chili Piper this year and his goals for 2022.

This article is part of our first-ever 2021 Partnership Leaders Awards, highlighting powerful professionals in the partnerships space. Learn more about the awards and check out all the winners.

We recently named Alexis Petrichos as our first-ever Rising Star: Partner Manager. Alexis was nominated by many of his peers to receive this award thanks to his innovative efforts and strong leadership skills.

We’re excited to have Alexis Petrichos joining us today to shed more light on what he’s been working on over at Chili Piper this year and his plans for the coming year.

Enabling Partners with a Stronger Program

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While Chili Piper had integrations in the past, they’ve decided to double down on their partnerships efforts this year. Alexis explained, “We’re focusing on establishing the most amazing partnerships program. We’re shifting to a model where we can enable partners, not just integrations. We are going to market with them and establishing bi-directional revenue flows. The main model behind partnerships is helping each other, which is exactly what we want to enable with our partners.”

“This year wasn’t focused on growing integrations, but more on going to market with our current integrations. We looked into our partner directory, found our partners with the most compelling use cases, and a willingness to go to market with us,” Alexis shared. “This year, we also joined some partner programs, like RingCentral’s, where we’re now a premier partner with and are running case studies, mutual trainings, and more.” 

Alexis explained in detail the strategy he’s using to grow Chili Piper’s partner ecosystem. “The first step is identifying the partners we want to go to market with, then carefully carving the go-to-market strategy, before finally executing. We have started going to market with some of our partners, but it’s a dynamic process. Every time a new partner gets on board, we want to ensure their experience is as tailored as possible, so we have many different partners going through the process, with different initiatives, all in different stages at different times.”

Alexis’s 2022 Goals

Alexis has achieved a lot of growth after shifting from a career in sales and marketing to a partnerships role in February of 2021. Alexis shared a few of his goals for 2022, “Personally, I want to continue growing professionally — learning more and more each day that passes. I feel lucky and honored to be at a company going through huge growth. It’s a learning opportunity for everyone on the team. From a broader perspective, I’m hoping to do more by way of owning more elements of the commercial part of business.”

He had similar growth goals for Chili Piper. “When it comes to Chili Piper, the goal is to grow our ecosystem of partners, find more compelling use cases, and go to market even better. I want to continue working on making everyone happy and keeping our team happy as well.”

Our 2021 Rising Star: Partner Manager

We recently announced that Alexis is our first-ever Rising Star: Partner Manager. Alexis shared what the award means to him, “It means recognition from my peers and partners, which is the most important thing. Human relationships are what matters most in your career and your life. I put a lot of value on the human relationships I’m building with the people around me.”

Congratulations, Alexis! It’s incredible how much impact you’ve had so quickly.

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