Where’s The Beef?: PL;DR 6/4

Where’s The Beef?: PL;DR 6/4

Discover the latest in tech and investment news with the PL;DR from Partnership Leaders.

We all thought things were returning to “normal” with vaccine roll-outs reaching critical numbers. And yet, the craziness of 2020 can’t seem to disappear. A few weeks ago, a cybersecurity breach led to gas shortages. This past week, hackers infiltrated the world’s largest meatpacking facility, forcing shutdowns of its US beef plants. The facilities are likely to begin resuming operations in the coming days but expect to pay a bit more pork for your next BBQ.

wheres the beef

Before you get back to grinding out Q2 goals (or start daydreaming about the hockey and basketball playoffs), explore a few stories that have been on our radar this week.

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Braze Surpasses $200M in ARR

Customer engagement platform, Braze, reached an impressive milestone this week. Explore the ecosystem that helped them get there.

Twitter Finally Releases an Edit Option (Kind Of)

You’ve been begging for it for years. Jack has finally answered… sort of.

Big Bezos is Watching

Jeff Bezos has been monitoring your purchase activity for years. Now, he’s got his eye on more.

Digital Artwork Collects Digital Dust

Remember when NFTs were all the rage? Now, your digital artwork may just be collecting digital dust

Other News We’re Watching

  • Say goodbye to dead phones — Xiaomi announced new tech that can charge a drained phone to 100% in 8 minutes. 
  • AMC rewards retail investors — Reddit’s favorite stonk is giving away free popcorn and other perks to retail investors.
  • Glow in the dark baby squids are going to space — Need we say more?

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