Top 5 (Incredibly Useful) Things To Do With The (Definitely Not) Dystopian Amazon Robot

If Amazon Sidewalk wasn't enough, now there's a new addition to Amazon's dystopian robot family. Meet Astro.

In case you missed it, Amazon released a slew of new Alexa-powered devices this past week. The hot new tech drop included fitness bands, a device aimed towards kids with a built-in projector, a partnership with Disney + Disney Resorts, and our personal favorite…the Astro. 

What is the Astro and what’s it good for? Well…it’s basically a glorified Alexa on wheels…for $1,000. Here are our top 5 recommendations on what you should do with your new favorite robot companion

1. Recoup your $1,000 by saving on your utility bill! Attach a pole to it and use it to air dry your clothing as it meanders around your house.

2. Slap a laser pointer on it and use it to entertain your cats during Zoom calls.

3. Attach a Swiffer to the back of it and transform it into a makeshift Roomba.

4. Build it a custom Wall-E costume just in time for Halloween.

5. Adorn it with a silver medal to match its father, Jeff Bezos.

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