TikTok Has Its Sights on…LinkedIn?: PL;DR 7/9

TikTok Has Its Sights on…LinkedIn?: PL;DR 7/9

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We hope you had a fantastic fourth of July weekend. If you weren’t scrolling through Twitter during your family gatherings — we were, and have you covered on what’s gone down the past week. Let’s get to it.

Interdimensional Brand Partnerships Take on New Forms

Join us as we use our Portal Gun to hop through all the interdimensional brand partnerships the Rick and Morty team has introduced over the seasons.

Will the Boston Celtics be Your Portfolio’s Lucky Charm?

If your crypto portfolio hasn’t experienced the luck of the Irish, this recent partnership might just be your lucky break!

Dance Your Way Into a New Job

TikTok job board

TikTok has launched a new platform for sharing and browsing video resumes, their latest attempt at streamlining brand relationships. While you probably can’t submit the latest dance trend for the jobs below, we still recommend checking them out:

Other News We’re Watching

  • Don’t have the patience for a full NBA playoff game? — Buzzer pings you for just the highlights so you can watch memorable moments in TikTok-sized clips. The catch? Watching a clip will cost you 99¢.
  • Your 2004 Friday jam is back with a COVID-inspired twist — Juvenile recently resurfaced with “Vax That Thang Up”.
  • Want everyone to know you eat soup even when it’s hot out? — Panera’s Summer apparel line is for you.

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