These NFTs are Bananas!: PL;DR 9/10

These NFTs are Bananas!: PL;DR 9/10

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What a nostalgia-filled week it has been! Yesterday, the Matrix Resurrections trailer dropped, nearly two decades after the last film. Earlier this week, Blue’s Clues host Steve returned to explain his departure from the show (also nearly two decades ago) in a nostalgia-inducing video.

If you were to tell us twenty years ago that we’d be spending the past two years at home, in our PJs, baking bread, we would have laughed at you. Now, we can’t imagine having to go back to the office. Oh, how things change!

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Twitter Tries to Become Reddit

After all social media platforms adopted “Stories”, will “Communities” be the next cross-channel feature?

These Ape NFTs Sold for Over a Quarter Billion Dollars

The NFT trend isn’t dead yet! Two sets of Ape NFTs just sold, putting them among the highest NFT sales ever.

Level-up with These Video Game Partnerships

Explore these recent Nintendo partnerships, including a Lego set and limited-edition Oreo cookies.

Partnership Leaders Have Been Busy!

In the spring, we checked in and 74 of you had changed roles or companies. We just completed our fall check-in (via LinkedIn) and this time around, it looks like 66 members changed roles or were promoted and 55 members changed companies. Congrats to everyone making the career moves of their dreams!

If you’re looking to make a career move of your own, look no further than these recently shared roles:

Other News We’re Watching

  • Britney’s father filed to end her conservatorship — Britney Spears has been fighting a very public battle this year to end the conservatorship overseen by her father for more than two decades. This week, Jamie Spears finally filed to end it.
  • Oops, they did it again… — The Suez Canal was briefly blocked again by a bulk carrier on Thursday. Thankfully, it was refloated and sent on its merry way rather quickly.
  • Tinder wants you to get social — The dating app is shifting away from their fast-match origins. Their new Tinder Explore tab will feature events, interest-based matches, and more.
  • Bitcoin bites on day one — El Salvador began accepting Bitcoin as official tender this week, causing a $10,000 dip on the first day. This is in-line with the volatility we’ve come to expect from cryptocurrencies.

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