The Week We All Got Zucked: PL;DR 10/8

The Week We All Got Zucked: PL;DR 10/8

In this week's PL;DR, we explore the recent Facebook outage, latest trends in cryptocurrency & NFTs, and more!

Did you suddenly realize how addicted you are to Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp when they were suddenly unavailable at the beginning of this week? You may have used all that extra time to get ahead on your new Q4 initiatives. We used the extra time elsewhere on the internet reading these stories…

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BTC’s October Surprise

October has been a historically strong month for Bitcoin. Will this month’s results hold up to past numbers?

NFL Intercepts NFTs

The beginning of football season is upon us, and with it, the NFL has decided to join other sports leagues in the NFT realm.

Are You a Right Clicker?

NFT fanatics have coined a new name for naysayers: right clickers.

6 Things We Did While the Zuckerberg Empire was Down

Monday saw the longest Facebook outage ever documented by Downdetector… Here’s what we did with those six extra hours.

Did You Spend the Facebook Outage Perfecting Your Résumé?

Then consider applying for one of these open roles in the industry shared in our Slack community this week!

Other news we’re watching

  • Crypto criminals rob other crypto criminals — We don’t blame you for not having any sympathy for the ransomware groups who are being robbed by the very malware companies they rent from.
  • The writer of your latest favorite Netflix series was rejected a ton of times — In the latest reminder that you shouldn’t give up, news broke recently that Squid Games creator and director was rejected for a decade before his series became a global phenomenon.
  • Facebook announced a $10M creator fund — Yesterday, Facebook announced their new creator fund to foster VR creativity on the platform. What will we do with our time five years from now when Facebook’s metaverse experiences an outage and we can’t go get virtual coffee with our virtual friends?
  • Google blocks climate change deniers — Climate change deniers will no longer be able to make money via ad revenue on Google platforms. Google will also prohibit ads that deny climate change.

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