The Partnerlympics Are in Full Swing!: PL;DR 7/30

The Partnerlympics Are in Full Swing!: PL;DR 7/30

Discover the latest in tech and investment news with the PL;DR from Partnership Leaders.

The Olympics represent many values that we strive to uphold as partnerships professionals. Unity. The resilient power of the human spirit. Competing for awards and social clout.

We kicked off our Partnership Leaders referral Olympics last week, and the race continues! Don’t miss your chance to win Partnership Leaders swag to show off your PL;DR love.

This week, we’re highlighting outstanding partnerships between some of the most impactful companies and ecosystems in 2021 so far. Who do you think deserves the gold?

Brands Ride the Digital Currency Wave

Discover three companies striking up partnerships amongst various digital platforms.

Brands Try to Land a Punch Against COVID-19

Check out the brands joining forces to make our transition to life during a pandemic slightly easier.

Partner Ecosystem Heavyweight Champs

These partners show us that to be the best, you have to adopt alliances into the lifeblood of the organization. Check out the three mega-ecosystems we crowned heavyweight champs.

Get Paid to Livestream Crimes & Emergencies


Citizen, a mobile app providing real-time location-based safety alerts to users has begun paying individuals to live stream crimes and emergencies for the platform. While you could make a cool $25/hour filming, positions have only been posted for New York and LA

If you’re not ready to channel Jake Gyllenhaal in Nightcrawler, we have some open roles in partnerships for you to check out:

Other News We’re Watching

  • Biden encouraged states & local governments to ante up — Yesterday, Biden called on state officials to leverage his American Rescue Plan to offer $100 incentives for newly vaccinated individuals. Are we a little salty we’re missing out on the bonus having already been vaccinated? Yes. Are we way more excited that incentivizing vaccines might let us return to hosting in-person events soon? Hell yes.
  • Airbnb wants to make sure you can work on your next vaca — Planning an Airbnb trip to work remotely from somewhere else? Or are you planning your first company retreat post-COVID? Airbnb’s new tool lets hosts test and display their Wi-Fi speed within the platform so you won’t be surprised by shoddy service when you check-in.
  • The sole copy of this Wu-Tang Clan album was sold by the US government — Martin Shkreli originally bought the record at an auction but was forced to surrender it when he was sentenced for securities fraud. If you are the anonymous soul who purchased it, we’re calling on you to stream it for the rest of the world to hear.

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