The 90s Are Having a Moment (Again)

The 90s Are Having a Moment (Again)

Admit it. The '90s were fly.

Howdy, Partners! 

They say history repeats itself, and as we enter another year of the modern Roaring/Raging/Reckless ’20s (Choose Your Own Adventure) we’re starting to see just how true that phrase is. Some of our favorite, and not so favorite, 90s trends are making a return just in time to kick off the New Year. What was your favorite product or trend of the 90s? Let us know in #watercooler

Dust off your mood ring because this PL;DR is coming in hot !

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Y2K is Back for Revenge

1999 called, it wants in on the latest technology fears.

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Other news we’re watching

  • This nostalgic favorite won’t be around for long — At the end of last year, Fisher-Price launched their Chatter phone with a distinct upgrade: it could make calls with the help of Bluetooth and a nearby phone. Unfortunately, the toy lacked any security as far as Bluetooth was concerned, making it an easy target for eavesdropping.
  • What a wonderful kind of day — For the final episodes of PBS’s Arthur we’ll get to see Arthur, D.W., Buster, Francine, and Muffy return as adults. As it turns out, none of our childhood favorites are safe from digital transformation — as the tv series wraps up, new content will only be released in the form of podcasts, video shorts, and digital games. Can’t wait for more Arthur? One of the voice actors who lent their talents to the namesake’s annoying little sister, D.W., has a podcast interviewing all the other voice actors who played the role over the series’ 26-year runtime.
  • United States P(andemic) Service steps up — USPS has started offering free COVID tests & delivery. They actually launched ahead of schedule, which may be the first time in history that the USPS was early… We’re just wondering why Amazon didn’t lead the charge with this one. Come on, Jeff!

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