Thanksgiving Partnerships analogies, Elon Musk and more

Thanksgiving Partnerships analogies, Elon Musk and more

Thanksgiving Partnerships analogies, Elon Musk, Chris Samila vs Kim K. and memes to start your day with a smile.

Let’s begin with a holiday-themed question: If your company were a Thanksgiving dinner dish, which one would it be? Let us know in #watercooler.

Partnerships memes

That table filled with different home-made dishes is actually the perfect analogy for what a Partner Ecosystem should be. The interactions between turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce will drive taste (the food equivalent to revenue?) through the roof!

Elon going full Greek democracy on Twitter

Elon has been the King of Twitter for a few weeks now, and we still don’t know if he is going to save or condemn the social network. Lately he has been using Twitter polls as referendums for major decisions. For example, on Wednesday he asked users if he should allow former president Donald Trump back on the site. This was followed by another poll asking if Twitter should offer a general amnesty to suspended accounts. We still don’t know if this is brilliant marketing or just a glorified tantrum, but it is definitely entertaining. Can’t wait to see what Elon’s next move is. *grabs popcorn*

✨ A Partnerships Cinderella story

This week the former VP of Partnerships at, Oren Stern, announced that he is moving on to Identiq as CRO. This is great news for our industry since it shows that partnerships professionals are a great fit for different roles. A way to see it is that, if professions were tools, we would definitely be duct tape. And everyone knows that having some duct tape around is always handy. What do you think? Let us know in #general.

Influencer Alert

Last week, our very own Chris Samila announced that he was coming aboard full time as our new Chief Partnerships Officer and his post almost broke LinkedIn. More than 520 people reacted to it! This shows not only that everyone loves Chris (he’s a great guy) but also that our industry values commitment and wants to see more partnerships professionals at a C-Level. Move over Kim K! There’s a new influencer in town.

Partnership of the Week

Hackers and cybercriminals across the world were brought to tears as Proofpoint and Crowdstrike just announced their new partnership. Both companies are deeply committed to keeping people and their data safe, and they are stepping up their game through threat intelligence sharing. This is the cybersecurity equivalent of a Terminator and Rambo team-up. Hasta la vista phishing!

️ New Groundwork episode

n this week’s episode, Tai Rattigan and Al Harnisch, of Radar, talk about how to manage the friction when working with different tech providers. Click here to view the full episode on Youtube.

And if you are more of an audio-podcast person, we got you covered. Groundwork is now available on several streaming platforms like Spotify and Amazon Music! Click here to access all episodes.

The Partnerships Bible

Our friends over at Reveal have launched their Ultimate Partner Program Guide. This new guide was made to help partnerships professionals build a partner program from scratch. It can also help you understand if you need to revamp your existing program to drive revenue impact for their company. And it’s free, so click here and get your copy ASAP!

Black Friday madness

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