Navigating the Technology Partner and Startup Sourcing Maze

Navigating the Technology Partner and Startup Sourcing Maze

The quest to find reliable sources for emerging technology partner candidates, startups, and bootstraps is more complex

The quest to find reliable sources for emerging technology partner candidates, startups, and bootstraps is more complex than ever.

In an industry that thrives on connections and up-to-date information, the challenge lies in acquiring comprehensive contact details of these startups. This goes beyond basic networking. Now, it requires strategic sourcing of detailed and actionable contact information.

So, how do you find the next big tech startup to collaborate with? Here’s a quick guide for you from Craig Regan, Partnership Business Development Executive, Rick Beckers, CEO at XaaS1, a national distributor of Technology-as-a-Service solutions, and Laura Dierker, Expert Mentor at Trade Acceleration Program.

Craig, Rick, and Laura discuss how to navigate the technology partner and startup sourcing maze.

Leveraging Diverse Tools for Comprehensive Data

Rick highlights a common dilemma many in the tech sector face: the need for an ongoing, reliable source of startup information that provides full contact details, not just a list of names.

The limitations of conventional platforms like LinkedIn, which often fall short in offering specific, bulk contact details, compound this challenge.

Craig suggests a combination of tools to address this issue. Starting with Crunchbase for identifying early-stage companies and potential technology partner candidates, he recommends using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to create targeted lists.

For more detailed contact information, tools like Zoominfo or become essential. This approach demonstrates the need for a multifaceted strategy that combines various platforms for different stages of the sourcing process.

The Role of Economic Development Agencies

Laura introduces another dimension to this challenge: the potential of Economic Development Agencies (EDAs).

These agencies can connect businesses with technology partner incubators and scale-up centers. This isn’t just about acquiring contacts. It’s also about establishing relationships with organizations that can provide ongoing, valuable insights.

However, as Rick points out, engaging with numerous EDAs across different regions presents a practical challenge. It’s a slow, methodical process that might not align with the fast-paced demands of the tech industry.

Combining Technology Partner and Personal Networking

The insights from Rick, Craig, and Laura highlight a crucial point: there is no singular solution to sourcing startup contacts. It’s a complex process that requires a combination of technological tools and personal networking.

Leveraging databases like Crunchbase for initial identification, enhancing data with tools like Seamless, and establishing relationships with EDAs for ongoing information flow represents a comprehensive approach to this challenge.


The task of sourcing detailed, ongoing contact information for tech startups is intricate and multifaceted. Industry experts demonstrate that a blend of digital tools and strategic networking is essential. The journey through the tech startup sourcing maze is complex, but with the right tools and strategies, it’s a navigable and fruitful one.

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