Tech We Didn’t Know We Needed Until Now

Tech We Didn’t Know We Needed Until Now

CES is back at it again – new tech, loads of EV innovation, and so many more ways to blow your hard-earned paycheck.

exciting news at CES

We’re not going to lie, CES is a lot of fun. It’s where us tech nerds can gather ‘round and indulge ourselves in some of the latest and greatest tech that, in all honesty, will probably never come to fruition for the masses. Regardless, it’s still fun to speculate on what the future holds.

This year we saw a huge focus on many auto companies previewing what’s next for the EV industry. Cars that can change colors, entertain passengers with a PlayStation, and have a range of 600+ miles. After seeing what’s to come, it’s safe to say we’re ready to trade in our cars for a sweet new ride.

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