Spring Partner Flings: PL;DR 4/23

Spring Partner Flings: PL;DR 4/23

Discover the latest in tech and investment news with the PL;DR from Partnership Leaders.

As of yesterday, nearly 140 million people in the United States had received at least one vaccine and with that, airlines are ready to accept your money again — and you better believe we’re already marking our calendars for Q4’s PTO.

This week, multiple airlines announced new routes to international destinations. But not without catching the eye of government regulators first. When partnerships are this big, the government starts sniffing around. Nevertheless, with cool weather sweeping across the country this week, we’re dreaming of the day we can jump on board an international flight and leave 2020 behind us. 

In the meantime, here’s what’s been on our minds this week…

More Horns, Please

You’ve heard of unicorns, but what about decacorns? The more horns, the better!

German Entrepreneurs Remind Us of the Necessity of Diverse Input

You always need to involve diverse input when innovating. Explore a cautionary tale from a couple of German entrepreneurs.

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New Job

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Other News We’re Watching

  • NASA flew a helicopter on Mars — Ingenuity logged its second, and more difficult, flight yesterday. Who’s ready for a cruise to Mars in 2022?
  • Amazon announced its first hair salon — Which some may say is ironic, given Bezos’s choice of hairstyle, but we’re not here to judge! The salon, located in London, opened on Tuesday.

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