Partnerships Get Patriotic : PL;DR 5/21

Partnerships Get Patriotic : PL;DR 5/21

Discover the latest in patriotic tech and investment news with the PL;DR from Partnership Leaders.

We weren’t sure exactly how companies would adjust post-COVID, but we certainly hoped hybrid work models would let us keep wearing sweats for at least a few days each week. Unfortunately, the likes of Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have already publicly discussed their plans for moving back to primarily working in-office. 

We see this as a prime opportunity for employers to position themselves competitively to talent by providing remote and hybrid positions. Hiring for a remote role in partnerships? Let us know to be included in next week’s newsletter.

Before you get back to scrolling through Airbnbs, filtering for WiFi and a dedicated workspace, dig into the stories we’ve been reading this week.

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Partnerships Enable Farming to Go High-tech

Agriculture might not be the first industry you’d associated with “ripe with innovation”. These partnerships are on their way to changing that.

The American Dream of Partnerships

What’s more American than vanilla ice cream and apple pie? Try Joe Biden test driving the new electric Ford.

Make Your Workday More Efficient

We’re always looking for tools and hacks to make our day even more efficient. Check out the latest updates from some of our favorite platforms doing just that.

Find a Role That Aligns with Your Ideal Work Model


Did you get an email that your company is headed back to the office and you’d rather stay home? Or maybe you found out you’ll be working from home indefinitely, but you prefer the energy of working around a team. Regardless of your situation, explore open positions in partnerships to find your ideal work model (and dress code).

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