The HubSpot Way of Effective Partner Management

The HubSpot Way of Effective Partner Management

Partner management and nurturing can often feel like navigating a maze. The challenge? Ensuring that partners are engaged, informed, and equipped with the right tools while simultaneously managing the nuances of each partnership.

Partner management and nurturing can often feel like navigating a maze. 

The challenge? 

Ensuring that partners are engaged, informed, and equipped with the right tools while simultaneously managing the nuances of each partnership. 

Enter HubSpot CRM, a solution that many partnership professionals are turning to for a streamlined approach to managing their tech partnerships.

Featuring Catie Moynihan, App Partner Manager at HubSpot, Molly Rigatti, Director of Sales and Marketing at Impulse Creative, Nicki Kamau, Marketing Department Representative at SmartBug Media, and Brendan Tolleson, Co-founder and CEO of Rev Partners, this discussion illuminated the myriad ways HubSpot CRM is revolutionizing partner management. 

Let’s delve deeper into what these experts had to say.

Why HubSpot for Partner Management?

HubSpot has consistently emerged as the compass many professionals lean on. But what makes it stand out?

For one, its versatility allows users to create tailored experiences. As Moynihan aptly highlighted, HubSpot isn’t just a tool – it’s an ecosystem

Through the lifecycle of a partnership, “from the interest stage of potentially building a partnership, all the way through the launch of an app and then through go-to-market activities and well beyond,” HubSpot’s portal provides a seamless trajectory.

HubSpot is also about the meaningful touch points along the way. 

For instance, HubSpot’s ability to utilize landing pages and forms to gather insights from potential partners isn’t just functional – it’s transformative. As you delve into its features, you’ll realize that every step and tool is designed to enhance partner relationships.

Rigatti’s insights echo this sentiment, reminding us of the essentiality of viewing partners as collaborative entities rather than transactional relationships. 

When we look at partners, we look at ourselves as a partner,” Rigatti said. 

This synergy, the blend of technology with a relationship-centric approach, sets HubSpot apart in the realm of partner management.

Deep Dive Into CRM Utilization for Partners

HubSpot offers several features for partnership management. Our experts explore some of them below.

Customization and Automation

Every partnership is unique, which is why customization becomes the cornerstone. HubSpot offers this flexibility, allowing organizations to sculpt their partner journeys. 

Here’s how:


Tailoring the CRM experience. Rigatti says, “We have a lot of feelings and opinions on partner management… using your website and all the stuff you’re already doing in HubSpot.”

HubSpot allows partners to customize their individual experiences. With a few clicks, users can use branding, add documents, create custom fields, and much more.


Moynihan highlights the significance by shedding light on HubSpot’s internal processes, emphasizing the need for “automation to rotate potential leads to the appropriate app partner manager.” 

This ensures the right leads sync with the right managers, optimizing time and resources.

Partner Directories and Portals

Creating touchpoints for partners is paramount. HubSpot champions this by offering functionalities to design partner directories and portals. What’s on offer?

  • Unified Access: Partners get a single space to access pivotal information.
  • Ease of Communication: Seamless interactions foster stronger relations.
  • Intuitive Navigation: Guiding partners through their journey.

Rigatti’s introduction of the Rocket PRM, built on the premise of “relationship building, not data management,” captures the ethos of HubSpot’s approach.

Harnessing Insights with HubSpot

In a sea of data, deriving actionable insights becomes the beacon. HubSpot’s tools aid in interpreting partner behaviors, preferences, and patterns. 

Delving into these tools, it becomes evident that aligning with the objectives of your partner program is a breeze. 

Tolleson underscores the significance of understanding various tools’ interplay, emphasizing the importance of understanding the “structure of both systems” and translating “business requirements into technical requirements.”

Building a Strong Partner Experience

The crux of successful partnerships hinges on mutual benefit and shared quality of experience. As professionals, we recognize that partners seek more than just transactional engagements. They look for a holistic journey characterized by seamless interactions, trust-building initiatives, and value-driven outcomes.

Here’s how you can use HubSpot for stronger partner experiences:

How to build strong partner experiences with HubSpot's partner management solution.

Relationship Over Transactions

At the heart of a meaningful partnership lies the core ethos of building relationships rather than mere transactions. 

Kamau’s insights hit the nail: “We’ve been part of partnerships…where it’s been like, okay, you sign the contract and…how much money do we bring in each month? That’s not how we run ours either.” 

By emphasizing the human element of partnerships, we pave the way for more engaged, loyal, and active collaboration.

Equipping Partners with the Right Tools

Effective partnerships thrive when both parties are empowered with the necessary tools and resources. HubSpot excels in this area. 

The platform’s ability to integrate with tools like Crossbeam, for instance, as highlighted by Kamau, facilitates more profound insights into shared clients or prospects with partners. 

Such integrations ensure partners are always a step ahead, ready to seize opportunities or address challenges head-on.

Building Trust through Onboarding

A strong foundation is pivotal, and a well-structured onboarding process can do wonders. 

Initiating the partnership with clear expectations, guidelines, and mutual objectives sets the tone for a successful journey. Kamau’s philosophy resonates with this, as she mentions the significance of an “onboarding program that builds that relationship from day one.” 

A process that has, in their experience, earned commendations from partners for its uniqueness.

Innovative Approaches With HubSpot

HubSpot extends beyond traditional customer relationship management to provide tools and features tailored for partnership management. 

  • Dynamic Deal Pipelines: HubSpot’s capability to set up distinct pipelines for diverse partnership types – affiliate, reseller, or technology collaboration – ensures a streamlined and efficient management process.
  • Custom Portals: HubSpot’s Content Management System (CMS) facilitates the creation of tailored portals for partners. These portals provide partners with critical insights, assets, and real-time updates, all in a singular, easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Seamless Third-Party Integration: Beyond its built-in functionalities, HubSpot’s strength lies in its compatibility with third-party tools. Its integration capacities ensure businesses can consolidate their resources, providing a unified partnership management experience.
  • Serverless Functions for Deal Management: HubSpot delineates permissions, allowing partners to manage their deals within set parameters and ensuring business-critical information remains secure.


HubSpot’s Partner Relationship Management System offers an innovative approach to managing business partnerships. Leverage all these features to create a streamlined system that delivers maximum value to your business. With HubSpot’s Partner Relationship Management System, you can establish secure, successful collaborations that will see you reap the rewards of successful partnerships in no time.

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