The last blog you will open this year

The last blog you will open this year

Repairing your own phone, a game to diagnostic ADHD, a summit for your affiliate program and more fun partnership news!

Howdy Partners! Here’s the last weekly Partnerships newsletter of the year:

New York Governor signed the new Right-To-Repair Law this week. This bill states that customers have the right to obtain diagnostic tools, parts and documentation from device makers in order to repair their devices. How long before “DIY Smartphone repair” posts take over Pinterest?

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A game to detect ADHD

Researchers from Aalto University have been using virtual reality games, eye tracking and machine learning to detect ADHD. This tool focuses on eye movements and could bring a more precise diagnosis of attention deficits. And people told me that all those hours of playing Call of Duty were a waste of time.

End-of-the-year win

Our team closed the year with a virtual group hug as we got featured in one of our favorite newsletters, The Hustle. This amazing bulletin, dropped a line about the State of Partner Ops report we wrote with Hubspot and Canalys. Next stop, the Tonight Show!

weekly Partnerships newsletter

Partnership of the Week

This is not a new one but certainly a good one! Algolia recently shared a video of James Brooke, founder and CEO of Amplience, talking about the benefits of their partnership. As you listen to James talk about Algolia, you realize it’s a MACH made in heaven.

️ New Groundwork episode

In this week’s episode, Colin Puckett of Appfire, shares how Amazon built their B2B Marketplace. He also talks with Tai Rattigan about:

– The challenges and strategies behind building Amazon Business.
– The difference between focusing on how you want to sell or how your customer wants to buy.
– Elevating above the transactional to become a true strategic partner.
– The benefits of being really delightful to work with.

Click here to view the full episode on Youtube and here to access all our episodes on different podcast platforms.

Appreciate to affiliate

Are you starting your affiliate program on 2023? Lucky you! Our friends at Affiliate Insider Ltd are hosting the Amplify Summit 2023. This two-day virtual event will give you the lessons that you need to jump-start your affiliate program. Click here and save your seat for free before the doors close!

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