Is That Turkey We Smell? No, Just Tasty Tech News

Is That Turkey We Smell? No, Just Tasty Tech News

Is that turkey we smell? No, just tasty tech news

We’re less than a week away from Thanksgiving and we can already smell the stuffing and pies.

We’ve got plenty of news to indulge your appetite this week!

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Spotify Wants All Ears on Them

Forget listening to playlists, Spotify recently announced plans to acquire an audiobook production and distribution company.

Roblox Does It Again

Nike is making it easier to dress your avatar with the freshest kicks on the market.

Announcing the Partnership Leaders Job Board

We get dozens of job postings in our exclusive community each week. Now, Partnership Leaders members can share jobs to our brand new job board. Members can learn more via Slack!

We’ll still share a round-up of the roles posted in our #jobs channel each week right here, so be sure to share this newsletter with your colleagues on the hunt for a new role!

  • Guild Education – Strategic Alliances Director (Remote)
  • Pandium – Product Manager (Remote)
  • ​​Tricentis – Partner Operations Manager (Remote)
  • Shoobox – Channel Partnerships and Alliances Lead (Remote)
  • Productboard – Business Development Manager: Technology Alliances (San Francisco, NY, or Seattle)

Other news we’re watching

  • Zoomers love TikTok – Remember when your parents joined Facebook and it instantly became uncool? Well, it seems like Instagram is headed in that direction as well. TikTok is naynaying (sorry, we couldn’t resist) across Instagram’s parade with the youth as it’s surpassed Instagram for kids aged 12-17.
  • Apple Wants to Kill Your Steering Wheel – Remember when Apple courageously removed the headphone jack from the iPhone? Well, their next target is to make the steering wheel obsolete in your next car. Count us in, as long as we can watch the newest episode of The Morning Show while commuting to work.
  • $0 in Revenue, World’s 3rd Most Valuable Car Company — The EV company, Rivian, is the world’s third most valuable car company at approximately $140B, despite delivering less than 200 vehicles. Honestly, we wish we had some witty commentary for this…but we’ll let you fill in the blanks on this one.
  • Happy Holidays, love Starbucks — After launching holiday drinks & red cups last week, Starbucks announced yesterday their partnership with Amazon to launch a store with Amazon featuring their Just Go Walk Out Shopping experience

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