In Honor of Thanksgiving, Google Your Own News: PL;DR 11/26

In Honor of Thanksgiving, Google Your Own News: PL;DR 11/26

A Thanksgiving-themed edition of your favorite tech & partnerships newsletter. Get hot takes right to your inbox every Friday with the PL;DR.

Happy Friday, and a happy belated Thanksgiving to our friends in the United States! We hope you enjoyed your holiday, unscathed by drama-filled conversations about politics, vaccines, and explaining what an NFT is for the hundredth time. 

Don’t worry, though. You get to do this all again for the next holiday visit in just a few weeks!

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When Did Hangovers Get This Bad?

Remember when we used to meet up with our hometown friends the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and be fine in time for dinner the next day? Turns out we need a little longer to recover these days.

Get Creative With These Unorthodox Leftover Recipes

Get creative with these recipes to make the most out of your Thanksgiving leftovers! Taste test at your own risk.

Other News We’re Watching

  • The one feature Google Workspace doesn’t have — Microsoft has resurrected Clippy! While the friendly paperclip won’t pop up with tips, Microsoft is relaunching Clippy as part of an upcoming emoji update.
  • Congrats to Bitrise! — The Budapest-based mobile app company went through Y Combinator’s Growth Program early on in their startuphood. This week, they announced a $60 million Series C funding round led by Insight Partners.

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