“I don’t subscribe to the PL;DR.” and other red flags

“I don’t subscribe to the PL;DR.” and other red flags

Explore the latest industry news, including Facebook's potential name change, Pinterest's pending purchase, and more.

“I didn’t vote in for the first annual Partnership Leaders Awards.” 

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What’s a Facebook?

When was the last time someone asked you what Facebook was? Soon, your grandmother’s favorite social media platform may go by a new name.

PayPal Eyes Your Mood Board 

PayPal’s potential Pinterest purchase could push 2021 over the edge for a record-breaking year of M&As.

Apple Disrupts The Gadget Cleaning Industry

First came the Macintosh, then the iPod. Apple’s latest innovation? A $19 microfiber cleaning cloth.

Land an Award-worthy Role

Find a role that has you dreading Friday — and looking forward to Monday. Here are some of the recent roles shared in the Partnership Leaders community:

Other news we’re watching

  • Partnership Leaders was nominated for Allbound’s Most Influential Channel Community — We’re honored to be nominated as one of the Most Influential Channel Communities. You can cast your vote for us, and other partner professionals in Allbound’s 2021 awards.
  • My MacBook Pro brings all the dongles to the yard – Aside from ridiculously overpriced polishing cloths, Apple has finally listened to years of consumer feedback and welcomed back the much missed HDMI, SD reader, and MagSafe to the newest line of Macs. Hurray for reversal progression, we guess?
  • Congratulations to Clyde! — Comprehensive product lifecycle platform, Clyde announced their $41MM Series B funding round this week. Whether it’s an extended warranty on the iPhone we’ll surely drop, or an iCloth we may stain, we’re excited to see where you go from here.
  • Yo dawg I heard you like rockets — So we put a spacecraft on your rocket so you can travel to space while you travel to space. Yes, this is real. NASA unveiled Artemis this week. Check out the unveiling on Twitter.

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