Hiring & Firing: It’s Getting Tiring

Hiring & Firing: It’s Getting Tiring

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Hiring and retention has been a rollercoaster recently, with mass layoffs taking over the news. Yet, the pace of hiring increased again, 9.8% greater than last May

To support incredible industry talent, we’ve created an open to work channel and made it public, along with our jobs channel. Partnership Leaders is committed to connecting amazing candidates with PL member companies looking for rockstar talent.


SPACs are next to be targeted by incoming legislation.

Ford Charges Up on EVs

Ford doubles down on EVs and kicks dealerships to the wayside.

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Other news we’re watching

  • Let’s Get Real – Are you tired of seeing your friends posting perfectly manicured photos to their IG feeds? French startup, BeReal, is aiming to change that. Users add their friends and are randomly assigned a 2-minute period of time to upload a photo of what they’re doing at that exact moment, without filters. Our friends will certainly enjoy seeing photos of our Zoom calls!
  • An Out of This World Video Game – The 80s are hot right now, mostly in part due to the latest Stranger Things release. NASA is leveraging the nostalgic hype by dropping a space-themed video game. Take a Friday break and check it out!
  • Van Gogh Could Use This Tech – Doctors successfully transplanted a 3D-printed ear created with human cells onto a woman with a rare ear deformity. Similarly, scientists recently developed a bionic second thumb to add extra dexterity to your daily life. The future is here, folks.

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